10 meals in less than 20 minutes

As a full-time Working Mom, with no yaya nor help, I have go-to meals in my arsenal which could make sure that our small family of three have something to eat come crunchtime! Some may appear to be breakfast-for-dinner types, but hello, we all have to eat right?
10 Meals in Less Than 20 Minutes

Rushing to prepare dinner? Choose among these 10 meals that you can prepare in 20 minutes tops! (Photo Credits: The photo is an adaptation of Pallavi_Damera’s “Food Cooked by Me” Taken in May 2008. CC: Some Rights Reserved)

I may no longer need to ID the ingredients and the procedure, because once you read the title of the recipe, you may already know. But then again, id still type in a description.
1. Ham-Cheese-and-Mushroom Omelette – I just use the canned sliced button mushroom. This is also good for Breakfast-for-dinner dinners.
2. Fried Eggplant in Olive Oil paired with Salted Red Egg and Fresh Sliced Tomatoes. Best eaten with steaming hot white jasmine rice!
3. Chorizo Fried Rice – Use either Chinese Chorizo or Spanish Sausages. Pierce sausages with fork. Slightly boil the sausages for 2-3 minutes. Remove from water. Dry the sausages in paper towels. Slice the sausages in half bite-sized pieces. Unto a pan, add some olive oil, sautee the sausages in onion or garlic (if im in a hurry, I omit the inon and garlic part), add your day old rice, add beaten eggs, season with salt and pepper and mix well. Just before putting into serving platter, add a dash or two of sesame oil. J
4.  Tuna Sautee. Just sautee canned tuna and ladle on top of steaming hot white rice. Add a dash of seasoning and voila, yummy risotto like tuna-rice combo.
5. Squid/mushroom/tender Pork Salpicao. Mince garlic into tiny tiny pieces (about half a head. Sautee in olive oil, add butter, seasoning, and lightly fry either mushroom, squid, or pork tenderlois. Ladle over steaming hot white rice! Yummy!
6. Gambas – Peel and devein shrimps. Sautee Garlic and sliced chilis (if you want something spicy),  in olive oil and butter. Add the shrimps. Once they turn pink, season with a couple of dashes of seasoning. Ready to serve!
7. Steamed fish with Ginger. – I usually use pangasius fillet or cream dory. After washing and thawing, I put it in a foil and top it with lots and lots of grated garlic and ginger, onions, oyster sauce, and sesame oil. I then steam it!
8. Steamed Tofu with oyster sauce. – Steam tofu. Mix the following on a separate bowl for your sauce:  oyster sauce, hot sauce, a dash of seasoning, and a dash of sesame oil!
9. Tofu and mushrooms. Wash and slice your favorite type of mushroom. Slice tofu into cubes. Sautee onion and a little bit of minced garlic. Mix in the mushrooms. Stir in the tofu and what till tofu turns light brown. In a small bowl, mix in cornstarch in around three tbsps of water. Stir in the mixture in the tofu and mushrooms. Add in a tbsp of oyser sauce (or more, accdg to your taste). Simmer and serve!
10. Fish or Chicken nuggets. – thaw thigh or breast fillet/fish fillet. Slice in bite size pieces or strips. Season with salt and pepper. Dip in beaten eggs then in panko bread crumbs. Deep Fry. Serve with either thousand Island dressing or Asian Salad Dressing. Serve!
Will be writing down more ‘go-to’ recipes in the days to come. For now I wish all of you a happy weekend, and happy cooking!
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