Toddler sore eyes remedy

Breastmilk as Sore Eyes Remedy

At the onset of sore eyes, immediately give your child meds that could save him from having full-blown conjunctivitis.

Little woke up with a crusty eye the other day. She had a hard time opening up those little gazers and i was wondering why.

After a close inspection, i noticed that her eye is turning pink. I am so scared, because as we all know when summer is in, and so are sore eyes!!!

I immediately texted her pedia to ask for possible medications, but she said i should observe first. But being the worry wart that i am, i asked and googled around for possible ways to prevent a full blown conjunctivitis or sore eyes attack!

all the websites suggested a trip to the doctor, anti bacterial eye drops, and ointments. Since our Pedi advised that i should just wait it out and observe first, i did what another worried mom would do. Run to my parenting group and ask around for suggestions.

It turns out that the solution is in me. Literally! Breastmilk that is. They said the probiotics there would fight little’s infection. I verified this with M, who had been my own yaya since i was seven. And she said that is what’s being done in the province.

My officemate, C, also said the same thing!

So when i came back from work, i immediately placed drops of the liquid gold (BM, hehe!) on little’s eyes. It cleared somehow, but it is just day 1. Still observing, and keeping fingers crossed she would be fine. will let you know if it works for us 🙂

DISCLAIMER for mommies out there though, I AM JUST SHARING WHAT I DID TO MY CHILD. The best thing for you to do if your child looks like he is gonna have sore eyes is to do what i did which is to call up your pedia, and ask for her opinion and proceed from there.

thanks for reading and till next post!

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