Ten things to do with your toddler this weekend

Things to do with your toddler

It is all about making good memories both for you and your kid. Try these suggested actiitis that you can do wih the kiddo during your time off. Have fun!

Weekend is family time, and simple activities ssurprisingly bring out the most pleasure in young tots.

Sharing with you some weekend activities that Little, H and I enjoy doing:

1. Cooking — Having a pretend cooking show was my favorite game back when i was younger. I am just so glad, Little has the same enthusiasm for this kind of game! We usually cook simple meals like pancakes, omelettes and what have you, where she can help.

2. Picking Flowers — you can go to your nearby park and find some wild flowers and insects along the way. This is a practical science class too! I get teary-eyed everytime Little runs to me with her hand holding up a flower she’s about to give me. So sweet!

3. Walking — She may stay on her stroller, or she can walk with you, but this type of exercise is something enjoyable and beneficial for you and your family. Not only because it injects exercise unto your weekend, but it also gives your lungs a chance to breath fresh air, plus of course you get to bond more through this activity.

4.  Finger-Painting or Color Painting — Super fun ‘get-down-and-dirty’ activity that will bring out the creative side of your toddler. You can frame your finished projects too!

5. Scrapbooking — yes i know they might mess things up, but wouldn’t it bee nice to have your toddler draw or write something in her own scrapbook now that se is relatively older?

6. Making juices, shakes and ice lollies — you get to teach them about fruits. They get to help you with the fruits and stuff. It is fun, and you get to enjoy homemade stuff that you know is very clean and healthy!

7. Grocery shopping — I know they throw tantrum at times but you can teach them science and math lessons or two through grocery shopping! just make sure you’ve got some extra patience 🙂

8. Visit Grandparents — This is a weekend must for us. 🙂 Little is just so happy to be with our folks as they shower her their love and attention

9. Church time — We try to make it a point to teach Little about how important our faith is to our family

10. Pretend Games — Whether it is pretend grilling, pretend cooking, or teacher games, it is fun to indulge our inner child and enjoy these pretend play games with our kids!

Have a happy weekend everyone, and till next post!

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