Kids and Storytelling time

I remember my mom telling me stories during bedtime. I vividly remember being scared about ogres and other characters in the stories she read to me. I didn’t like ‘puss in boots’. I get distracted when listening about Alice and Wonderland. I could relate to Cinderella. But my favorite was Three Little Pigs. Always is, and always will be.
kids and storytelling

Why you should read to your kids: Kids and story telling. Photo Credits

That was why I was so happy when Little liked it too! She told me the story one bedtime story session.
Anyway, our bedtime story sessions are not the usual bed time story sessions. While my mom used usual fairy tale books for me, me, I try to become more creative. I tell Little stories about what had really happened to us as a family, I just start it with “Once upon a time” and end it with “and they lived happily ever after.”
Little’s favorite story was her birthstory.. She also loved make-believe stories like the dinosaur who picked her up in school.
We usually do it complete with sound effects. However Little wants one story told 10 times!!! So what I did was record in the iphone all the stories that she likes, and I just play it over and over.
One day, Id find the time to put visuals/photos on these recordings and play it for her when she’s older.
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