Five Easy-to-prepare Meryenda Suggestions for Kids

Summer is here, and aside from the heat, we all know that growling tummies will be upon us mommies once again!

five meryenda ideas for kids

Clueless as to what today’s snack will be? fret no more and read on

Here are Five Easy-to-prepare Meryenda suggestions for the kiddos:

1. Cheese Pimiento Sandwich – This easy to prepare DIY Cheese Pimiento Spread by will surely make your kids ask for second helpings, so better have a big loaf of bread in stock with you!

2. Banana Fritters – Give your Fried Saging na Saba a Make-Over appetizing enough for the kids to munch on after biking outside. Prepare this Banana Fritters recipe from

3. Palitaw – This is not just easy to make, but a joy to prepare as well. Have the kids help out, and share a fun Palitaw merienda with them as detailed in this recipe post by

4. DIY Potato Chips – Make your own Potato Chips with this easy-to-follow recipe from Perfect for a fun movie night too!

5. Butter Toffee Popcorn – This recipe from is a favorite of the kidlet. Try this Butter Toffee Popcorn recipe, and say goodbye to the expensive alternatives! See the recipe here.
Happy Cooking Mommies!