What to do when yaya leaves: More permanent Solutions to #YayaProblems

more permanent solutions to yaya probs

Goodbye na talaga. What do we do when yaya will no longer come back?

So, she did not come back anymore, or you really told her not to? Now What?

You have already exhausted all the possible band-aid solutions to your yaya problems and nothing has happened yet. Your mom and your sister have yet to recommend a new yaya, your neighbor’s yaya has yet to get a reply from her cousin who wants to apply, and you are already exhausting your leaves just to take care of the kiddo. So what do you do?

Here are some suggestions for more permanent solutions to your #YayaProblems:

  1. Hire a back-up next time – If your budget can accommodate then hire another househelp. At least she can help the yaya around. You can also ask around for “Stay-Out” Yayas or all-around helpers, usually being hired by one of your neighbors.


  1. Look for a daycare. There are daycares in the metropolis especially in Central Business Districts like Makati and Ortigas. Find a trustworthy one. Tour it. See if your child will like it there. It may cost a lot more than hiring a yaya but knowing a place where you can leave your child securely can give you peace of mind whether or not you will want to do daycare fulltime, or if you’d use it as a back-up care.

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  1. Get a trustworthy Yaya Agency. If you still haven’t read it, i wrote a post on maid, driver, and yaya agencies in the Philippines and came up with a list — you may want to read it here. Anyway, I think Maidprovider still “delivers” yayas at your doorstep for a fee of 8,000 – 12,000 I think he last time I checked. But you will have no worries, they will screen the yayas for you, and bring them over like pizza to your doorstep, plus there is a 6-month guarantee in case the yaya decides to leave before the six month period. Again, please check the terms may have changed by the time you’ve read this. An UPDATE: There is another Yaya Agency, named WANTED YAYA. I haven’t tried this, but you may want to inquire. They have an FB Page, and a Website.  A caveat on this site though, the about page of their FB Page says that they are not an agency, but they pool yaya talents, and screen them — if i understood it right. Anyway, may be worth your time to check it out.


  1. Consider Working From Home – You may want to look up this option so that if the yaya leaves, you are still there to take care of your child. Yes, there are Legitimate Ways Stay at Home Moms can Earn Money From Home.
  2. UPDATED Oct 11, 2016: Join Facebook Groups that match Yaya and Employers. Groups like “Yaya and Kasambahay Group” and “Looking Kasambahay and Yaya Group” have thousands of members from both sides of the fence — prospective employers like you and the yayas. Employers usually post their work requirements, salaries, benefits, job description an location and the yayas respond. Of course as in anything done via online, you should have to exercise caution and careful discretion. Here are the links to the groups: “Yaya and Kasambahay Group” and “Looking Kasambahay and Yaya Group”

Do you have any other mommy solutions to #YayaProblems? Want to hear from you. Hope you can leave a reply J Till Next Post Mommies!

You may want to check out this video that can be used to orient your babysitter/new nanny: