How to Make Colorful Easter Eggs

How To Make Colorful Easter Eggs for the Kids this Coming Sunday

Easter is just around the corner and we all know that Easter Egg Hunting is one fun activity that our kids enjoy.

I have great childhood memories about aster egg hunting, as my mom used to stage one for us every Easter Sunday. After the village Easter egg hunt, we go home as well to our own house to hunt for eggs. My mom cooked the eggs, lets us design/paint it, and then my older brother hides the eggs for us littles. I was one happy tradition in our family.

Fast forward thirty years later I am now the one staging egg hunts for Little H. Last year she was old enough to know how to paint the eggs. It was fun.

how to make colorful Easter Eggs

Take the Easter Fun a notch higher with Do-It-Yourself Colorful Easter Eggs

Sharing with you instructions on how to make colorful Easter eggs at home for it to be fun for your kids to paint and design.
You will need:
1. 6 Eggs Per Child (Just buy small ones in the market so it is cheaper)
2. Food Coloring
3. Vinegar
4. Pot
5. Water
6. Materials for design: small stickers, white crayon, rubber bands
7. Cups
1. Boil the eggs
2. While the egg is being boiled prepare cups of different color by placing tap water on them, adding a tsp of food coloring per cup and then a tsp of vinegar
3. Once the eggs are cooked, put it in iced water to stop the cooking process, and at the same time cool the eggs enough for little hands to handle.
4. Once cooled, have the kidlets decide on what designs they would like. They can:

a. Just have some plain colored egg which they may design later on with crayons, oil pastels or markers
b. Use rubber bands to create stripes on each egg. (Put a rubber band on the egg before dipping into the vinegar-food color solution)
c. Use a white crayon to draw designs on the egg. The final dsign will come out after the egg is dipped in the vinegar-food color solution.
d. Stickers before or after dipping to the solution.
5. Once the kids have thought and made the designs, you can now dip each egg into the solution, mix and match colors, dry the eggs up, and then start hiding them!
This were the not-so-artistic eggs that little H and I came up with last Easter:
DIY Easter Eggs
ENJOY, and till next post mommies!