Budget Friendly Summer Activities for Kids Part 2


Six Summer Activities for Kids that they will Absolutely Love

As promised, here is the second installment of the Budget-Friendly Kids Summer Activities. This time we will be focusing on house activities that will guarantee hours of fun for the kidlets.

Budget Summer Activities for the Kids

Budget Friendly Summer Activities for the Kids

  1. Pretend Lemonade Stand – Just outside your house, set up a small table and a big old plastic container where the kids could mix some water, yellow food coloring, and pretend lemons using cardboard. Give them ladles and plastic cups and there goes your instant lemonade stand! If you want them to get more creative, ask them to come up with a signage!


  1. Fairy Soup Kitchen – Let the kids gather stones, flowers and leaves. Give them now old pots, ladles and plastic bowls, and allow then to mix up what they collected with water. Sprinkle some food colouring and they now have their fairy soup. Guaranteed to keep them pre occupied for a couple of hours!


  1. Swim— If you do not have a pool nearby, why not invest in a small inflatable pool or if your kids are smaller, your trusty “batya.” Just make sure that you supervise your kids, because young ones especially can drown in an instant


  1. Garden Hose Bath – Since water sprinklers are not too common here in our country, why not let the kids bathe using a water hose, of course with the supervision of a competent adult!


  1. Pretend Laundry – Bubbles and Water make children so happy! Allow your kids to play with some dirty clothes, a small basin and some kid-friendly bubbling soap. This will make them feel like adults especially if they see you doing this too. J


  1. Blow Bubbles – Definitely a favorite among kids! Instead of buying them expensive bubbles from toy stores, why not recreate our childhood bubble solution by picking out gumamela leaves and flowers in the neighborhood, add dishwashing liquid or detergent power, mix up, and then your kids now have an instant bubble solution!


Hope you enjoy the summer with these budget friendly kids’ play activities. Please drop by once again for the third installment of the budget summer activities for kids. If you have other creative play suggestions, please feel free to share in the comment box below. Thank you!