Budget Friendly Summer Activities for Kids Series

Cool and Budget-Easy Summer Activities for Kids

Budget Friendly Summer Drinks

Keep Kids Cooler this summer with these snacks and Beverages they can help make

PART 1: Budget-Friendly Summer Drinks and Beverages for Kids

The heat is on and summer is here. It is also vacation time so most of moms are now on the lookout for fun and budget friendly summer activities for kids that could pre-occupy the kids around the house.

I will be doing a series on how to keep kids cool this summer – of course on a budget!

First in line are cool drinks and snacks that kids can make.

Here are five cool beverages and snacks that will not only quench their thirst, it will also keep them busy and who knows, might instill a joy in cooking:

1. Traditional Ice Candy – Mommies, we are all familiar with the one peso each ice candy. We can re-create this experience for our kids and all we need are ice candy cellophane for the ice candy, plus juice. If you have extra food color then throw them in too! The kids will have a lot of fun mixing the juice up, putting fruit bits into the ice candy bag, adding drops of food color, and of course funneling the juice into the cellophane! Easy to do, yummy to eat!

2. Make Fruit Slushes or Shakes – This is one of the best summer activities for kids, simpl because adults love sipping these kinds of chill bevs too! Using over ripe fruits sold in markets and groceries, why not make icy fruit shakes for the kids. Allow them to help by giving them tasks like spooning out the mangoes, or peeling the dalandan!

3. “Sa Malamig” – Let your kids experience this drink by buying buco from your friendly vendor. Give the kids the opportunity to help you transfer the buco juice into your pitcher or bowl. Allow them too to help you get buco strips, and mix the drink in the pitcher or punch bowl. Don’t forget the ice cubes, and a bit of sugar too!

Summer Drinks on a Budget

Colorful and Cool Drinks that will not hurt mommy’s pocket


4. Snow Cones – If you have an ice shaver at home, this should be simple and fun. Before shaving ice, ask the kids to make a concentrated mix of their favorite fruit juice flavor. Add in drops of similarly-colored food colouring. Shave ice, put in cones or glasses, then pour in the flavorings! Give them a little spoon and it is like a mini trip to Mexico!

5. Local Lemonada – Since lemons are very expensive nowadays, why not use calamansi for this. Allow the kids to squeeze calamansi juice and remove their seeds using strainers. Mix the juice up with sugar and ice cubes, and put in Mason Jars. You may want to wash some calamansi too, and slice up some for an added décor. Perfect with bending or paper straws!

6. Mais Con Hielo – I was supposed to say Halo-Halo, but in the spiit of a tight budget, let’s just use a can of whole kernel corn, whatever milk is available in the fridge, and a bit of sugar. This is a treat most kids will love. If you have a tall glass then let them eat it right there! Perfect cheap and easy.