Hidden Bathroom Dangers for Kids


Six Hidden Bathroom Dangers for Kids We Often Take For Granted

Hidden Bathroom Dangers for Kids

The Bathroom could be full of hidden dangers for your kids. Keep Safe. (Photo Credits: Kim Piper Werker, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Most of us moms know that the bathroom is not exactly a safe place for our kids, but there is more to it than the usual bacteria and slippery tiles. Here is a list of hidden bathroom dangers for kids and what you can do about it:
1. Mold in the Showerhead. – Have you ever taken a closer look at your shower head? Is it full of gunk, rust or hard water stains? If you answered yes then probably it also harbors mold, and as we all know molds bring illnesses especially to little ones. What can you do? Soak it in a vinegar solution using a plastic bag for around 30 minutes, and you got a sanitized showerhead!
2. Toilet Bowl Safety– it does not only contain germs, but some toddlers actually drown from toilet water. Use a toilet bowl lock to ensure this will not happen to your home.

3. Cleaning Agents – Chemicals can cause damage to skin, and poisonous of course when ingested. Make sure that this one of the worst kind of hidden bathroom dangers for kids are safely locked up in your bathroom cabinet.
4. Bath Toys – Those squirty bath toys become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria when the bath water it absorbed has not been completely drained. Plus factor in the danger scale is when the kids start gnawing on it, especially the little ones.

5. Bath Tub or if you don’t have one, the Pail or the Planggana – little kids can drown here as well. Ake sure they are empty or if you need to store water in them, it should be covered tightly.

6. Towels – Never share towels, even with your kids. Skin diseases, infections, and even illnesses like the common colds, and conjunctivitis get transferred through towel sharing.
Let us make bathroom safety a priority in the house, because as they say, accidents strike when we lest expect it.