Lunch Recipes for Kids

Running-out of Ideas on What food to Prepare for the kiddos?

Five Cheap and Cheerful Lunch Recipes for Kids this Summer

lunch recipes for kids

Running Out of ideas on What to Serve for lunch? Here are five Lunch Recipes for Kids (Photo Credits: Matthew Gonzalez, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

We are not even halfway to the summer vacation but most of us moms are already running out of cool lunch ideas that will get the kids cleaning their plate!

Here are some lunch recipes for kids that you may want to try:

  1. Pineapple Porkchops – Definitely one that kids will like. The sweetness will definitely break the monotony of your usual fried porkchops. Here’s a detailed recipe from



  1. Salisbury Steak – only one step more to your usual burger steak lunch. Just prepare mushroom gravy, and if you still have time, buttered veggies or mashed potatoes on the side. You can make it uing your own store-bought or made from scratch hamburger patty, and then a packet of mushroom gray from the store. But if you hav more time, here’s a detailed recipe from that you can easily follow.
  1. Lemon-Butter Fish Fillet – One of my favorite lunch recipes for kids to prep for Little H. Make your usual fish fillet recipe, either steamed or breaded with your usual flour and egg batter, and then make a lemon butter sauce by melting butter, and mixing it with lemon juice, and a pinch of salt. You may also want to try this recipe from
  1. Chicken Chops – Chicken thigh fillet in Panko Breading, with Thousand Island dressing on the side. Here’s the recipe from


  1. Easy Shrimp Skewers – Even if you do not have a grill, or simply do not have time to cook on it, you may still make some shrimp skewers by stir fryng your salt-seasoned shelled shrimp in olive oil, and putting it in skewers alternating with steamed carrots and green bell peppers. No recipe link needed here, it is that easy!

Make sure to have some cold drinks on the side like fruit juices, or iced tea made from scratch if you have the time. If you don’t then no one will judge you for serving an assortment of Iced Ready-to Drink Juices or Powdered Juice Mixes.

Happy Cooking!