Happy and Easy Breakfast Meals for Kids this Summer

Five Easy Breakfast Meals for Kids this Vacation

easy breakfasts for kids this summer

Five Easy Breakfast Meals for Kids: Have a Happy Breakfast. (Photo Credits: Shubert Ciencia)

Breakfast time is the most hurried meal in the house even if it is lovingly prepared. it usually gets to be eaten in a rush especially during schooldays. Now that it is summer, we have more time to prepare yummy breakfast meals for the kids that they will have the luxury to enjoy. Here are five Happy and Easy Breakfast Meals for Kids this Summer:
a. Crispy Adobo Flakes with Fried Rice and Scrambled Eggs – They can still burn the extra fats, and just make sure that they crispy adobo flakes have been drained in paper towel before serving. A good way to upcycle your left-over adobo too. Watch here the recipe that I follow.

b. Home-Made Super Tender Tapa, Sunny Side-up Eggs, Plain RIce – This is one personal recipe I make that kids will surely love. this is also a guaranteed one of the super super Easy Breakfast Meals for Kids to eat and for us mommies to prep. Although I do not have the exact measurements for this since I just eyeball and mix the ingredients, here’s what you can do: Buy Sukiyaki Cut Beef, Marinade it in a mixture of the usual toyo, a bit of sugar, and a wee bit of pepper. Put in a ziplock bag and marinade the night before. Fry as usual for less than a minute or so so it will not be rubbery.

c. French Toast, Schublig Sausage, and Scrambled Eggs – Here’s the easy french toast recipe that I use. For Schublig Sausage, I just buy the Purefoods Brand because it is OK and is not as expensive. Add in more milk in the scrambled egg to make it sweeter.

d. Boneless Bangus with Fried Rice – Nothing beats a home-style boneless bangus that’s juicily fried, paired up with yummy fried rice. Try this yummy fried rice recipe that your kids will surely love. Just omit the roast pork so that it would’t take away the spotlight from the Bangus, and then swap the Japanese Soy Sauce with either Knorr Liquid Seasoning or Kikkoman 

e. Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Banana Smoothie – Encourage the kids to join you in preparing choco-chip pancakes. Just buy the usual choco chips or if you don’t have one or do not want to spend on one just look for a chocolate bar on your fridge, crush it roughly. Make your usual hotake batter. Put a portion in the pan, once it bubbles, sprinkle some chocolates on it and then ladle in a thin layer of pancake over the one you sprinkled chocolate unto. Then cook as usual  Serve with a banana smoothie, try this healthy recipe that I use for Little 

Of course do not forget to give them a serving of fruit with their breakfast plus tons of fresh juice, water, and vitamins. This scorching Philippine heat leaves a lot hydrated and kids need to be reminded to drink up  Happy cooking and cheers to happy breakfasts!