How Pregnant Moms Can Feel Cool This Summer

Beat the Summer Heat while Pregnant: How to Feel Cool this Summer Even When Pregnant

Feel cool this summer

Feel Cool This Summer Even when Pregnant. Follow these 8 Tips. (Photo Credits: Maternity3 Res. cc: Some Rights Reserved)

When Kuya Kim mentioned the other day that manila will be 36 Degrees Celcius but will feel like 38+, I suddenly thanked heavens I wasn’t pregnant at this time. And why not, summer is hotter two to three times over for pregnant women! According to a reputable pregnancy website I checked out, Pregnant moms FEEL HOTTER because of all the hormonal changes in their body, the additional blood volume, the increase in metabolic rate (thanks to the extra poundage from the baby and its fetal entourage), plus their body generating heat for the fetus.

So what’s a pregnant happy pinay mommy to do? Here are eight ways to feel cool this summer even when pregnant:

  1. Hydrate. Drink a lot of water, and if you are not in the “ Team I-can’t-drink-cold-water-while-pregnant-team,” then good for you because ice cold water does not only quench your thirst, it will cool you down faster.
  2. Wear Airy and Comfortable Clothes – A good way for a pregnant woman to feel cool this summer is to wear dresses, shirts, or tanks that are made of cotton. I know leggings and jeggings are ery confy for pregnant women, byt a breezy dress may make you feel fresher in this heat!
  3. Avoid going outdoors from 9 in the moning till 4 in the afternoon – This heat exhausts ordinary people, what more pregnant women? Avoid the glaring heat o the sun, but if you have no choice, don dark glasses and an umbrella.
  4. Spoil yourself with aircon If you’ve got the extra dunget, now is not the time to be super conscious about the electricity bill. Pamper yourself with airconditioninng, stay in your house or your room. If you do not have one yet. Then consider buyng since you will most likely need one when the baby arrives. A cheaper alternative would be air coolers.
  5. Make some Ice Pops – While most do not recommend cold food and drinks for pregnant women, those who are OK with having ice cold treats an make themselves, low-sugar versions of ice pops using fresh fruit juice (think mango or guyabano ice candy). When the heat becomes unbearable grab one from the freezer.
  6. Be mindful of what you eat – Avoid hot soups, and spicy food during day time when you are more likely to feel toasty. If you mustl eat these instead at night time when it is cooler.
  7. Shower More — Nothing wrong with showering another two times to feel cool. As long as you will be safe from slipping or catching a cold (Towel off that sweat first before heading to the shower), then you should be good to go. Skip the heater too!
  8. Take a Dip — If your pregnancy is uncomplicated or not so sensitive then swim as an exercise? Do not know how to swim? Then just take a dip either in the beach or the pool. Just make sure to shower immediately after especially after swimming on a pool to lessen the chances of getting infections.

Do you have any other ways to feel cool this summer? Please reply by commenting below.