Nine Things I Want My Kids to Learn From Manny Pacquiao

And why i want my kids to learn from Manny Pacquiao
 i want my Kids to Learn from Manny Pacquiao

Determination, and Hardwork are just some of the many things i want my kids to learn from Manny Pacquiao. (Photo Credits: Roger Alcantara, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

We watch the early evening news almost every night, like clock work, and lately it is all about Manny Pacquiao and his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather.

And while Little H is already very familiar with Manny as her dad is a big fan, I have now noticed that she, too, is getting excited about that big fight on May 2 (May 3 for us in the Philippines).

Apart from making a Dubsmash with her dad – both of them singing “Lalaban Ako Para sa Mundo” – I lately hear my four-year old singing Manny’s song of the moment while playing with her teddy bears. Kilalang-kilala na nya si Manny, and it seems like she is already a fan. Gone were the days she calls him ‘money pacquiao’ out of innocence.

Well, I am not against her being a fan of the Pambansang Kamao. After all, Manny is a good inspiration not just to us Pinoys, but to the whole world as well.

So what do I want my kids to gain from being a Pacman Fan? Here are nine things I want my kids to learn from Manny Pacquiao:

1. The value of hardwork and determination – Manny kept on saying that he never imagined that he will be where he is now, especially during his younger days when he would go hungry, and walk the streets sans slippers. Kids these days are very lucky to be given what they want at their whim. I want my kids to learn that they should persevere in order to get what they want, and that if they do, the hard work and determination pays off, big time.

2. Bring back the Glory to the Lord – Manny has always glorified the Lord. Even before he became a Born Again Christian, Manny never forgot to heed the Lord’s help, make the sign of the cross, wear his scapular/rosary, and thank the Lord, every after a big fight. I want my kids to know that through all the successes and trials that they will meet, there is a God that watches over them, whom they have to thank for. I want them to be prayerful and faithful to the Lord, no matter what.

3. It pays to be Physically Fit –Manny’s physical routine may be very rigorous but it is a good example of a healthy habit I want my kids to acquire growing up. No they do not have to do those monster sit-ups and shadow boxing, they just have to stay active, and have a healthy outlook in life.

4. Dream Big – I have always subscribed to this saying, that Manny apparently mirrors in his life. I want my kids to know that there is nothing wrong with dreaming big, and the chances of getting what you want starts once you conceive it on your mind. Gaya nga ng sinabi ni Inay, “wala namang bayad mangarap, kaya mangangarap ka nalang, taasan mo na.” No use on limiting your own potential.

5. Failure happens, but you have to move on, and try to be better – Whenever Manny loses a major fight, it becomes a practical lesson to illustrate that even champions lose, and that failure happens. one of the things i want my kids to learn from Manny Pacquiao is that in life, there will be failures, and that it is fine to feel sad about it. HOWEVER, they should be able to get back on their feet as soon as they can, move on, and move strongly towards their goal, just like what Manny does.

6. People change – Manny is a self-confessed former womanizer, gambler, and if I remember right, a substance-abuser (correct me if this is a wrong notion because I only saw this on one of his true-to-life films – not Kid Kulafu though). He now said, he is a changed man, and he is happier and more at peace. Although I would not want to imagine my kids going through those trials, I just want them to know that they should not give up on a person because with a person’s willingness to change, coupled with perseverance, and God’s grace, he could change for the better.

7. Generosity – I love that Manny had always been featured on TV sharing to his relatives, friends, colleagues, and constituents, the many blessings he has received. I want my children to learn the value of generosity, and that sharing should always be done with joy in their hearts, and without expecting anything in return.

8. Love for country – I admit that I am not the most patriotic person, and so I want my kids to be nationalistic and proud of their heritage. Manny, in his many fights, has united Filipinos in more ways than one helping us to be proud of our country. I better get serious in teaching Little H, the Lupang Hinirang so that I could explain to her further during the bout what that song is for.

9. Keep sense of humor amid stress – Being the worry wart that I am, I am not a good model of this for my kids. Manny is the cool-type, and I want my kids to know that having that attitude of calmness amid stress would greatly benefit them in the long-run.

I may have said too much already, but one thing is certain – My little familia unites with the whole Filipino Nation in supporting our One and Only Pambansang Kamao. Manny is not just the best boxer our country has produced, he is also a great inspiration to all of us who are struggling in one way or another. Thank you Manny for the inspiration. Mabuhay Ka Pacman, and Kaya Mo Yan!