Four Household Products for Your Mommy Hospital Bag

Packing the hospital bag is one task every pregnant mom needs to do. For veteran moms, and moms who have more than one child, there may be realizations on what they should have, and should have not brought with them to the hospital when they gave birth.

Allow me to share with you four random household stuff that you may want to pack in your hospital bag, along with the necessary mom and baby items that you should bring.

mommy hospital bag

Yes, you need household products in your mommy hospital bag

Here is my list of the four household products you may want to include in your mommy hospital bag:


1. Paper Towels – Yes the hospital will provide you with toilet paper, but you will need this all-purpose wipe that you could use in the restroom, o clean random things in your hospital room, if your companion would need to wash a utensil, or plain tissue wipe after eating
2. Ketchup Bottle without ketchup – Just in case there is no bidet in the hospital bathroom, this will be very helpful in washing your privates especially after a c-sec.

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3. Extension Cord – You will never know if your bedside outlet could allow you to use your mobile phone or ipad while charging. Better have this. It is lightweight and small anyway.
4. Lysol Spray or your all-natural disinfectant spray – Paging Cleanliness Freaks. Yes I know the hospital room is disinfected before we check in, and it gets disinfected, along with the bathrooms up to twice a day, but bringing a can just gives me the “security” I need.

You may or may not agree with me on this list, but hope you could get to share with me your list of what you should have brought after you’ve delivered 

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Healthy and happy pregnancies fellow mommies!

Till next post!