Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan #2

Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan

Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan #2. Photo Credits

Hi Mommies,

As promised, here is our weekly meal plan for next week. Hopefully it would guide you on what to shop for this weekend, and batch cook (if you are into it) for the coming week.

Like what i usually say, i try to include meals with ingredients that are already in our pantry of freezer to be able to save on grocery shopping.

Weekly Filipino Meal Plan

Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan Number 2


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I try to include as much vegetables as i can, and i figured one of the best ways to incorporate veggies so that they could be eaten by my little familia is to incorporate a lot in the main meals, like in sinigang or tinola. Instead of just putting in sayote i try hard to put in malunggay and sayote, and in sinigang, all the veggies that can be cooked with it like gabi, talong, kangkong, and raddish. I also try hard to include a lot of meatless meals (i have here some recipe for meatess meals), in my meal plan for the week.

As usual i am trying hard to have healthy and quick breakfast for the family. I want of course my whole family to have nutritious food. Ill try harder next time to commit to a week of no convenience food, but as a part-time work from home mom with no help this feat is kinda hard, so feel free to substitute healthier recipes.

Here’s a video of one of my favorite TV Chefs Claire Robinson preparing a yummy bacon and egg salad. Will try this soon:

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