Facebook and Online Cloth Diaper Sellers in Manila — Part 1

Facebook and Online Cloth Diaper Stores in Manila

Facebook and Online Cloth Diaper Stores in Manila. Photo Credits.

Hi Mommies! For those who will be just starting out in their cloth diaper journey, one question has always been hanging on their heads? Where to buy cloth diapers, and who are the legitimate sellers?

In Facebook and over at OLX you will see countless online stores peddling their cloth diapers, mostly china nappies.

But not all sellers are created equal, as they say. And most mothers would transact with sellers that receive great feedback in mommy forums.

Again, i am not an expert at Cloth diapers. Really far from being one, as i only use cloth-diapers on my kid on a part-time basis. (Update we have been ECDing now for more than two months!) Anyway,  I am sure there is some FB shop in there that i have not checked out yet (if your favorite shop is not on the list, please let me know through the comments below or through my FB page).  But from what i have learned from the local forums i hang out in, and from my own personal experience, here are the sellers you may want to check out:

Facebook and Online Cloth Diaper Sellers in Manila – Part 1

1. Vezees Closet — They sell China Nappies (inserts as well), Mommy Accessories (BF cover, Mama Pads, Breast pads), Baby Accessories (Wet Bags, Electric Fan Cover, Banana Brush, Baby Leg Warmers etc) and clothes, as well as some PX Baby Goods (Carters’ Blankets, lamaze toys). Products include Alva, Baby Land, Hi Sprout, and they have also launched their own brand, which is Ecopwet. Really pleasant to transact with, super low prices, generous freebies. Check out Vezees Closet here.

2. Thrifty Mama Shoppe — They sell Sunbaby, Alva, Baby Land, Hemp Inserts, Menstrual Pads, RLR, Oxi Clean, Human Heart Nature, Baby Wizard, Training Pants and more. Go to her shoppe here.

3. Asya’s Cradle — They sell Sun Baby, Kawaii, Next 9 Products,  Alva, Glow Bug, Feminine Cloth Pads, Trainers, Wet Bags and Pail Liners, Fluffy D, Weegro, Dapper Snappers, PX Goods, Laundry Aids, Among others. Check out their shop here.


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4. The Chipper Online Shop — Ths Baguio-based online shop will soon have a brick and mortar store, according its owner. They carry products like: Anan Diapers, Pocket Diapers,  Inserts, Zorb, Baby Land Trainers, Imported Baby Stuff, Cute Baby Headbands, Snake Style Inserts, Metrual Pads, and more. Find her store here.

5. Cheeky Bebe Shop — She carries the following products: Naughty Baby, Anan, Baby Land, Alva, CLoth Pull ups and Trainers, Inserts and Bamboo Liners, Diaper Bag Organizers, and Human Nature Products among others. Check out her FB Shop here.

6. Lazada — If you are the type of Online shopper who prefers to pay for everything you ordered upon delivery then Lazada is your best bet. They carry a good line up of cloth diaper brand like Charlie Banana (lots of designs, sets, packages, and accessories), Clubebe (The one with Tutus), then the Love My Baby, the Baby Leaf, Enfant, and Chino Pino. They  also go on sale from time to time. Shop at Lazada here.

Click here for part-two. If your favorite seller is not here, please leave a comment below or get in touch with me through my FB Page and i will gladly write a part three 🙂

By the way here is a cloth diapering video you may wanna check out:



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