Eight Ways to Lower your Meralco Bill

Ways to lower your Meralco bill

Ways to lower your Meralco bill. Photo Credits.

The electricity bill remains to be a sizeable chunk of any household’s monthly budget. And why not? During summers one cannot help but turn on electric fans and aircons to an almost 24/7 basis. For us moms, when the kids scream “aircon,” we can do nothing but turn that a/c on again, and tell ourselves that we could compensate by turning it off a little earlier the next morning.

Anyway, for mommies who are looking for ways to lower your meralco bill, here are some tips you may want to read:

1. Regular Maintenance. Make sure your air conditioning unit gets regularly cleaned and maintained.  When your unit is filthy and ill-maintained, the a/c tends to work harder to cool your home – using up more electricity than it has to. It will also help to have a regular electrical maintenance shedule in our homes. This is not only a way to lower your Meralco bill, it also helps ensure home safety.
2. The little things count. Train the kids to turn off the lights when not needed. Turn off fans, as well as other appliances inside rooms that are unoccupied at the moment. Refrain from opening refrigerator doors unless necessary.

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3. Unplug. Yes it may be inconvenient to plug and unplug appliances that we regularly use, but these devices use up electricity even when turned off as long as it is plugged in. This is because they remain to be on standby mode. So before sleeping or leaving the house, unplug everything except your refrigerator.
4. Skip the heater. If it is not too cold, refrain from using your shower heater. Apart from saving up on electricity, cool water helps tighten your pores and will leave you feeling refreshed.
5. Avoid overcharging. Your wallet, as well as your gadgets will thank you for it! Electronic devices are not called ‘vampire electronics’ for nothing. As long as the devices like phones, tablets, PCs and other appliances are plugged to a source of electricity, they suck up energy.
6. It is a rice cooker, not a slow cooker. Bear in mind that the former can cook rice for you in under an hour and there is no reason for you to keep it on all day. If you want steaming hot rice every time you eat, either you reheat it from there or just nuke it! Same goes with your air pot, and even your water cooler. Why not just use pitchers and use the ref for cooling water??
7. Use your microwave sparingly. Not only will you lower your bill, you also lower risks of contracting possible illnesses which may be brought about by using microwave. Read this article when you have time.
8. Turn off the background. A lot of us just like to sleep with the TV on. Work with the TV on. Cook with the TV on. And most of the time we do not even watch it. So turn it off and just concentrate with what you are doing. Get the kids off the couch and do other activities that will not help jack up the electricity bill instead will help up happiness and bonding in your family.

In your family, what are the ways you save up on electricity?

Leaving you with this Youtube video on cleaning an a/c unit: