Cloth Diaper Safe Detergents in the Philippines

cloth diaper safe detergents in the phiippines

cloth diaper safe detergents in the phiippines

Cloth diapers are a form of investment, best taken cared of. One of the major concerns of cloth diapering moms is finding cloth diaper safe detergents in local supermarkets.

I am not a cloth diaper expert but all cloth diaper washing directions come with the instruction that you should use plain, additive-free, bleach-free, and enzyme-free detergents as using detergents with these may affect the absorbency of your diapers. We are also discouraged from using those that have antibacterial properties. Powdered detergents are the most recommended.

Anyway, here is a list of SOME cloth diaper safe detergents in the Philippines that are available in LOCAL SUPERMARKETS:

 1. Calla Plain — We personally use this. At 74.50 per kilo you can never go wrong with Calla. It smells really clean!
2. Pride Original –– this is our alternative for Calla Plain. Slightly costlier than Calla, but it cleans well too. Last time i checked it retails at a little over P82.00 per kilogram
3. Champion Original — i haven’t tried this but i have heard many positive reviews  from fellow cloth diapering moms. It retails at around P97.00 per kilogram.

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4. Victoria — An all-natural detergent that is safe to use for CDs, and is being used by a good number of cloth diapering mamas. The thing is it is not available in all supermarkets. (Retails at around 160.00/kg)
5. Human Nature’s Tough Love — a lot of moms swear by this brand but it is slightly pricey.I have only seen it in Rustan’s supermarkets. You may buy it though through your favorite human nature retailer or online shop though. (199.75 per kilogram)
6. Tide Original — a lot of moms like using this too — that is if you can scour your local supermarket for this line. Most of the Tide detergents in the supermarket come with free fabcon, have anti-bacterial properties, or bleach which are all no-nos.
So there you have it. There may be a lot more there. Let me know if i missed something through my Facebook page. Looking forward to hearing from you.

So what do you use?

If you are not OK with the detergents mentioned above, here is a video you may want to check out a video on DIY Cloth Diaper Detergent: