Where to Buy Zorb Inserts in the Philippines

buy Zorb inserts in the Philippines

Some of the shops where you can buy Zorb inserts in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

Ask any cloth diapering mom about their nighttime solution, and Zorb Inserts will emerge as one of their favorite nighttime boosters. Zorb fabric is a leading brand of super absorbent fabric, which according to its official website, it is made of fast and super absorbent material such as wicking and highly absorbent fibers. It is super trim too so moms of heavy wetters really like Zorb because it is so thirsty and is not bulky at all.

We are fortunate that Zorb is locally available here in our country, through numerous online and FB shops that carry it, and in fact even through local cloth diaper sewing mommies. Usually types that can be bought locally are: Zorb Dimples, Zorb Diamond, and the Zorb Silver. My mom bought a Zorb II Dimples Fabric by the yard in Amazon, and she just made DIY booster inserts for her cute apo. Still waiting for the package though 🙂

So, anyway, where do you buy Zorb inserts in the Philippines?

1. Orange Tag Online — They sell both one-layer and two-layer Zorb II Diamond Inserts. Check out the FB Shop here.

2. The Chipper Online — She carries Zorb Siilver, Zorb Diamond, and Zorb Dimples. The Diamond that she carries can be bought either one ply or two ply. While Dimples are two-ply. Go to her FB Page here.

3. Quigle Baby –– They carry Quigle Bum Two-Layer Zorb II Diamond Cloth Diaper Insert for P150.00 each. Check out their FB Store here.


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4. Fluffy Pwets –– They have a Fluffy Pwets Zorb Boosters which comes in a pack of three. If i am not mistaken this pack features Zorb Diamond. Check it out here.

5.Raak Naturals — This Facebook shop carries both Zorb Diamond and Zorb Dimple. Here is her FB Page.

6. UPDATED MAY 13, 2016: Bebe Couch by DJ’s Fabrics — Sells Zorb Diamonds, that are ready to use, and the also sell Zorb by the yard! Here’s a link to their FB page.

I am sure there are others i may have missed out. Do let me now if there are shops of WAHM pages that may be carrying Zorb so i could update the post. Please leave the message either through the comment section below or my FB Page.

So what is your nighttime solution mommies?

Here meanwhile is a demo on Zorb absorbency:


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