Philippine Passport Requirements for Babies

Philippine Passport Requirements for Babies

Want to know the Philippine Passport Requirements for Babies and Young Kids? Read on. (Photo Credits)

With the many long weekends, bucket list entries that have to be crossed-out, airline promos, discounted travel packages, and insisting relatives abroad, you may need to secure a passport for your little one as early as now.

But what are the DFA’s requirements for issuing a passport for infants and very young children?

I scoured their website, and below are the Philippine Passport Requirements for babies and very young kids:

  • Confirmed appointment (if baby is more than one year old)
  • Baby or young kid’s Personal Appearance. By young kid i mean those below eight years old and stiil not possess a valid school ID.
  • Personal Appearance of either parent of the child.
  • Original NSO Birth Certificate or CTC of Birth Certificate from Local Civil Registrar (the one that we claim from the city hall after birth)
  • Parents’ Marriage Certificate if Parents are Married
  • Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to travel from either parent (if the baby is a legitimate child) or from the mom (if the baby is an illegitimate child)
  • Original and photocopy of valid passport of the person who will be traveling with your baby (some have both parents abroad, and may need the lola to take them out of the country)
  • Photocopy of valid passport of either parent (if the baby is a legitimate child) / of the mom (if the baby  is an illegitimate child) or any Government-Issued or Valid ID.

There are other requirements for special cases, and you may want to check it out here. (more details below)


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You actually can apply for your baby’s passport at any of the satellite offices of the DFA – you no longer have to go to the main one in ASEANA. Click here for the list of satellite offices. Like what was mentioned above, if the baby is below one year old, you no longer need to set an online appointment because you guys will be prioritized along with the senior citizens, pregnant women, and the differently-abled once you get to your chosen DFA office (choose a mall you like!).

Again, no need to bring a passport photo since they will be taking your baby’s picture there. Do not worry, they have very patient photographers, willing to wait for those cute tiny eyes to open, and those lips to purse!

Normal processing will be about P950.00 and the wait time is around 20 working days. You can opt to have the passport delivered to your home for less than P150.00 if I am not mistaken. If you are however in a rush, or just excited to see that passport, then choose the rush processing and shell-out P1,250.00 for an expedited release after 10 working days.

So there you have it, happy and safe travels to you and your family!

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