Where to Buy Katsa or Flour Sack Cloth in the Philippines

Buy Katsa or Flour Sack Cloth in the Philippines

Wondering where to Buy Katsa or Flour Sack Cloth in the Philippines? Read on. (Photo Credits)

It is a common question of some Cloth Diapering Mommies. This is because time and again, we get advice as well as comments from middle-aged mommies, and the elderly who may have used cloth diapers on their children, that this is the time-tested fabric for cloth diapering.

But what is Katsa or Flour Sack Cloth? As the name suggests, it is actually the packaging used for flour. Some US-based moms use the flour sack towels as flat diapers too and they usually buy it from the kitchen section of most supermarkets there —  like this one.

Anyway, back here in the Philippines, the per yard katsa, and the sack version is still being used by some moms. Usually as flat diapers, but with the advent of modern cloth diapers, crafty mommies use them now as as inserts in their pocket diapers, or some as soakers for covers — whatever their DIY Spirit may fancy. In fact there is a local WAHM that fashions Hybrid Fitted Diapers using Flour Sack Cloth. Head on over to Bebe Bottom’s Facebook page to ask if they have on stock, or could customize one for you. Cutie!

The problem however is that not all mommies (especially urbanites) know where to buy it, hence this post.

So where can you buy katsa or flour sack cloth in the Philippines?

1. Local Bakeries — Yes some local bakeries still sell the sack their flour came with, so try your luck there first if you have one nearby 🙂 Who knows they might even give a piece or two for free if you are a regular customer! If and when you will need a lot, my Inay asked a neighborhood bakery near their place and she said they will more or less charge you P150.00 per dozen.

2. Telahan in the Palengke — For those living in North of Metro Manila, your best bet is the Kamuning Public Market where there are lots of Textile Stores. What they sell though is the per yard version and not the actual sack cloth.

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3. Fabric Warehouse — If your nearby bakery and palengke do not have Katsa, then for sure you will find it here. Fabric Warehouse has a lot of branches, if i remember right they have it near acropolis (across Eastwood), and then in most SM Malls. Last time i asked i think it is 60-70 per yard. Will update the post once i get a more accurate pricing information.

4. Textile Stores — Try your luck as well on other textile stores scattered in malls, even their textile areas in their department stores. You may want to check out even those stand-alone shops.They sell of course the per yard version.

3. Divisoria — This is where you could find the cheapest Katsa ever. The one i saw is in a big fabric store in the Divisoria Mall, and although that was like how many years ago, Inay said fabric stores there still sell Katsa by the yard. She also mentioned that they also sell Katsa in Quiapo. Of course by the yard and not the sack version.

4. Bambang, Manila — Sorry for the scary vibes, but they sell Katsa by the yard in Bambang — the medical supplies mecca of metro manila — because it is being used to help preserve cadavers. If i remember right Bambang is near PGH, San Lazaro and the DOH Main Office.

So there you have it. Whether you’ll use it as an insert, a DIY diaper, or as flat diapers just make sure to wash it at least three or four times to soften it up and increase absorbency. Some actually dye the Katsa to make it look fancy, so you may wanna try that too.

If you know somewhere else where katsa can be bought, please leave a comment below or drop by my facebook page and leave me a message so i could update this post.

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