Where to buy XL or Big Size Cloth Diapers in the Philippines

buy XL or Big Sized Cloth Diapers in the Philippines

Wondering where to buy XL or Big Sized Cloth Diapers in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

If you are looking for XL or big-sized cloth diapers for your kiddo — or just in case your little one no longer fits the One Size Fits Most (OSFM) cloth diapers then I am inviting you to read the rest of this post.

I have compiled a list of online shops that I know that sell XL or Big-sized cloth diapers for toddlers (or even preschoolers for that matter).

They carry various brands so just read on.

Where to buy XL or big size cloth diapers in the Philippines:

1. Cherub’s Necessities — Cherub’s carries the ALVA XL Line of pocket-style cloth diapers, and they sell it at P250 per piece which includes a one piece four-layer XL Microfiber insert. Here is the size according to the photo description in cherub’s FB Album: “42cm is the length, 32.5cm is the width on belly, 45.5 is the width on waist. Fits baby from 1 years old to 3.5 years old. The bottom three rows of snaps (the rise) are for adjusting the size to fit a small, medium, or large child. Simply adjust the size by the snaps.” Check out her FB page here.

2. The Chipper Online – Carries Plain Solid-Colored Covers. Here is Chipper’s own description of the XL Covers that they sell: “Bigger Sized Snaps Covers – for chunkier babies or 3 yrs old above,” which they sell at P140.00 each. Check out the FB Store here.

3. Vezees Closet – Also sell the Alva XL Line of pocket-style cloth diapers at P300.00 per piece which includes a 4-layer Microfiber insert. They have a bulk deal when of PHP 1,300.00 (includes 4 layer microfiber insert) when you get five sets, with free shipping. Here is a link to her FB Store. UPDATED — Jan 11, 2016 — Mommy Maricor, the WAHM behind Vezees Closet and Ecopwet also now has Ecopwet in XL Sizes!

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4. Lucas & Co. – Has two brands for their XL Cloth Diapers. The Qids Brand, which is basically XL Cloth Diapers for 15-25kg toddlers with fleece lining. Qids have fun prints to choose from and they sell it at P165.00 each without the insert. Their other XL cloth diaper brand is the Naughty Baby Brand. Their Naughty Baby Cloth Diaper Big Size (COVER TYPE) retails at PHP 160.00 each without insert. Here is their FB Store.

5. Asya’s Cradle – has two brands the Alva XL, and the Fluffy D’s.The Alva XL diapers at P255.00 each, with one microfiber insert. If you buy five sets they will give it to you at a discounted rate of P1,275.00 with free shipping. They also have the Fluffy D’s BIG BABY pocket diaper which comes with two large microfiber inserts for P500.00 each. Super nice prints for Fluffy D’s!!! Check out Asya’s Cradle here.

6. Sky’s the Limit – Has a price drop for their Alva Big. They now sell it for Php275.00each. Go to their FB Shop here.

7. UPDATED 1/11/2016: Quigle baby — Now has Quigle Bum in XL sizes! Check out their webstore here.

8. UPDATED August 31, 2016: Booldeet — Booldeet Pocket Diapers now also offer XL or Big-Sized Pocket CDs. Check it out here.

If your favorite brand or the brand that you are looking for is not being sold in the above-mentioned shops, head on over at Amazon to see XL Cloth Diapers such as the Loveybums Hand-dyed Organic Velour Quick-Dry Diaper – Aquamarine – XL which fits babies weighing 28-40+ lbs. or the Gdiapers Gpants Extra large right for babies who need some extra wiggle room (or those weighing 34+ lbs) and just have it shipped to your home through their partnership with LBC.

And as i usually say, i provided the links so you could personally check on the price and availability of the cloth diapers 🙂

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Leaving you with this review on ALVA big-sized cloth diapers:

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