Where to Buy Adult Coloring Books in the Philippines

buy adult coloring books in the philippines

Want to buy adult coloring books in the Philippines?

Adult coloring books are the latest mommy-craze nowadays. And why not? It defrags the mind! I actually bought one IF and WHEN I will have the time to sit down and color. Well, with the cloth diaper laundry piling up by the minute, I haven’t found the alone time to color.

I found a way though to hit two birds in one stone!

Since Achi kept on bugging me to allow her to use my coloring book, and she kept on asking me to sit down and color her little pony coloring book with her, i thought of just coloring my Adult Coloring Book with her so that i would get to color and spend time with her at the same time!

And boy, we had so much fun!

Anyway, for those of you wanting to buy adult coloring books, this post is for you.

Where to buy adult coloring books in the Philippines:

  1. Bookstores — This is a no-brainer. National Bookstore has adult coloring books and the good thing about it is that you have access to the many coloring paraphernalia that you may want to use. Books here are more or less P500 plus. Fully Booked of course has a wide array of Adult Coloring books to choose from as well, i have checked them out and they range at about P699.00 per piece you may check out their online store here.
  2. Lazada — If you want to have the books delivered at your doorstep, and on a pay-upon-delivery basis then might as well order from Lazada here. They actually have some that are on 50% discount, and are now priced at 259.00 per piece — get it here. They of course have the usual Secret Garden ones in prices that range from P500.00 to P799.00. Some are in fact even on sale from P1,200.00 and has dropped to P799.00–get it here.

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3. Color Me Doodle — This Instagram shop is owned by a Filipino if i am not mistaken, with interestingly nice designs. Check out his shop here.

4. Amazon —  Has a lot of Adult Coloring Books to choose from and this is their bestseller — get it here. This “Extreme StressMender” is also a bestseller in Amazon — buy it here.

5. Shiela Kabigting EreseCloth Diapering Mamas know her FB shop as one of the most reasonably-priced BG resellers, anyway she has Adult Coloring books too. Her is a link to here page.

6. Aik’z Online Shop — Has Affordable Adult Coloring Books. Check out her stocks here.

7. Color Away — This FB shop accepts orders of Adult Coloring Book. Check it out here.

8. Asya’s Cradle — Also sells a collection of Adult Coloring Books. Hers range from P250.00-P400.00 each. Check out her FB Store here.

9.  Quigle Baby — Quigle Baby offers both on-hand and pre-ordered adult coloring books. Of course the pre-ordered ones are much cheaper because of the waiting time. The titles are usually P225.00 for pre-orders, and P275.00 for on-hand stocks. Check out her coloring books here.

10. UPDATED 11/6/2015: Adult Coloring Books PH –– This Facebook Store sells a WIDE variety of Adult Coloring books, plus they go on sale!!! they are also open to resellers, plus they have coloring materials too. Check out their shop here.

I’m sure there are a lot of other shops that sell adult coloring books, ill be updating this post as i discover more.

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Thank you and till next post.

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