Where to Buy BabyLegs Legwarmers in the Philippines

buy Babylegs Legwarmers in the Philippines

Want to know the online shops where you can buy BabyLegs Legwarmers in the Philippines? (Photo Credits)

Are you looking for legwarmers for your cloth-diapered baby, particularly BabyLegs? I am sure you all want it because apart from the really, really cute designs, they make diaper changes out of the home so easy.  At home, it protects the little one’s legs from getting scratched as he or she crawls around the playroom or the living area!

Anyway, if you want to buy this particular brand of Legwarmers, which incidentally are not available in Local Brick and Mortar stores then yes, this post is definitely for you. I have compiled a list of online shops where you can buy BabyLegs legwarmers.

Just a fair warning, they all have irresistible designs!

So here are the online shops where you can buy BabyLegs legwarmers in the Philippines:

1. RAAK Naturals — they have super cute BabyLegs that would make your little girl or little man all the more adorable. The many designs and prints are swoon-worthy you just have to check them out. Check out the price and availability in their Facebook page here.

2. Asya’s Cradle — Asya’s has a lot of designs for BabyLegs legwarmers too. Check out the price and availability of BabyLegs Legwarmers in their FB store here.

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3. Earth Baby — They have a lot of designs to choose from with price starting at P295 per pair. Here’s a link to her shop.

4. Amazon — If all else fails and you cant find the design you fancy from the three above-mentioend stores, then there is always Amazon. Check out this organic legwarmers in super cute rainbow design which you may get here, this newborn three-pack set which you may buy here, or this very dainty chevron design which you may check out here.

So there you have it. I hope I have given you an idea on where to buy BabyLegs legwarmers in the Philippines

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