Where to buy nursing bra in the Philippines

where to buy nursing bra in the Philippines

Here are online shops where you can where to buy nursing bra in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

If you are searching for the perfect nursing bra to complement your breastfeeding journey and you do not like what the department stores and malls have to offer, then this post is for you.

I share the same sentiment so I have decided to compile a list of online stores where you can shop for a good breastfeeding or nursing bra.

So here is a list of shops where you can buy nursing bra in the Philippines:

1. Mayumi and Me — this online shop offers traditional nursing bras as well as nursing bandeaus that will make nursing more comfortable for you. Check out their online store here.

2. Lazada if you are the type of online shopper that would like to settle dues upon delivery then Lazada is the online shop for you. They have a lot to choose from which ranges from a little below Php500.00 to as much as about Php2,000.00. Check out the brands and styles here.
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3. Baobao babies — Features a lot of choices for nursing bras, particularly the Mamaway and Leading Lady Brands. They also have some bandeau. Check out their Facebook shop here.

4. Babymamaph — had a good array of choices when it comes to nursing bras. Go to their website here.

5. Mama Bella Nursing and Maternity Wear — check out this FB shop as they offer a good number of choices for nursing bras. Go to their shop from here.

6. UPDATED MAY 16, 2016: Mama Baby Love — Has super fab Nursing Bras in various brands. Check it out mommies! Here’s a link to their FB Page.

I am sure there are other shops that sell nursing bras. These are the shops though that i have personally bought from or have heard good feedback from friends. I promise to update this post as I discover more shops.

If you are looking out for more breastfeeding inspiration, then i recommend this e-book “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding” written by Diane Wiessinger, which you may purchase here. For a little over Php600.00 you will get to have a nursing companion that you an read from your mobile device at your own convenience.

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