Yummy and Easy Sandwich Recipes for Baon

Yummy and Easy Sandwich Recipes for Baon. (Photo Credits)

Yummy and Easy Sandwich Recipes for Baon. (Photo Credits)

Are you running out of ideas for sandwiches to prepare for your kids and your husband’s baon?

I have compiled a list of some sandwich recipes that you may want to try to give that ready-made sandwich spread a break.

Here are yummy and easy sandwich recipes for baon:

1. Crabstick Sandwich – Well, I really recommend that you use the best quality crabstick for this recipe. Flake the crab stick, add thin strips of cucumber, then toss in some Japanese Mayo, and then season with salt and pepper. Assemble with lettuce, and if you like the flavor and you have some in the house, throw in some strips of nori wrapper.

2. Adobo Flakes Sandwich — left over Adobo in the ref? No problem! Flake it, mix with a bit of mayo (use lite if you have one) and voila! You’ve got a super easy sandwich at your fingertips. Assemble in wheat bread with lettuce, and some thinly sliced cucumber and tomatoes.

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  1. Cheese Pimiento From Scratch – I remember my mom patiently making this every Sunday for our baon the whole week. Unfortunately, by Tuesday, my brother would have licked off all the spread in the container. Hehe. Anyway, here is a great recipe that resembles my mom’s.
  2. Ultra Easy Egg Sandwich – This one is super easy to make, and I just don’t know if my ex-officemates are just trying to make me bola whenever I bring over some of this spread for our pooled morning meryenda. I actually discovered this a day after Easter when I do not know what to do with the Easter Eggs Achi found in our Church Easter Egg Hunting Activity. Really easy to make, chop boiled eggs. Mix in some lite mayo – and then a bit of mustard. Season with salt and pepper. Assemble in your chosen bread (white bread is best – YAY for the extra calories) with lettuce. Actually, I keep one in a small lock and lock container in the ref for midnight snack because it is really good with soda crackers too.
  3. Bacon and Nutella – I am deeply sorry for including this in this blogpost but I really, really cannot help it. It is the CARBOHOLIC talking, so pardon me dear mommies, and if you find this offensive, just skip to the next paragraph. For bacon lovers like me, read on. This is very simple. Fry your bacon the way you like it (some like it crispy, others want it not so crispy so cook it to your preference). Drain excess oil with paper towel (as if that will drastically change the caloric value and cholesterol content of this sandwich). I strongly suggest that you use the softest white bread you can see in the grocery. Like what one local TV star says, ‘itodo na natin ito,’ and I really, really tasted the difference between using a wheat bread versus white bread for this sandwich – so go ahead and get that white bread! Spread Nutella on both sides. Sandwich the bacon slices in between. This recipe will work as well with SPAM or even Sweet and Creamy Peanut Butter! ( YIKES! sorry again for another bad, bad suggestion – I know I should be more intentional on what I have to feed myself and my family but when all the chaos in the house meets exhaustion and lack of sleep, this plus an ice cold can of coke zero transport me to H-E-A-V-E-N).

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Leaving you with a video on prepping a Kaya Toast 🙂 yum oh!

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