Ongoing Cloth Diaper Sales and Promos in the Philippines for November 2015


Here are the Ongoing Cloth Diaper Sales and Promos in the Philippines for November 2015.

Looking to add to your cloth diaper stash? If you are like me, I have always been on the look-out for promos so here I am once again compiling a list of some ongoing cloth diaper sales and promos for November 2015.

And of course ladies, since it is almost payday, it means we will soon have extra moolah to spend on Cloth diapers!

Here are some local FB and Online Cloth Diaper Shops that have an ongoing sale this November!

Ongoing Cloth Diaper Sales and Promos in the Philippines for November 2015:

  1. Vezees Closet — Is celebrating their second year anniversary, hence they are holding a promo contest for their loyal clients. They are also on sale: (a) Five EcoPwet Limited Edition CDs with BC Insert ships free for P1500.00; (b) Five EcoPwet Limited Edition CDs with Bamboo Charcoal Inserts plus FIVE Extra Four Layer Hemp Insert, Wetbag, and Free Shipping all for P2,100.00; (c.) Five EcoPwet Limited Edition CDs with Five Layer Bamboo Charcoal Insert, plus extra Five-Layer Bamboo Charcoal Insert, Plus Free Wetbag, and Free Shipping for P2,000.00. Check out her shop here.
  2. Lucas and Co. — They have an ongoing flash sale for select baby land and naughty baby cloth diapers. Five Pieces of Shells, three Pieces of Three-layer Micro Fiber Insert and Two Pieces of five layer Bamboo Charcoal Insert for P1,030.00 shipping is not included. Go to their FB Page here.

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  1. Lazada They have the Cyber Cloth Diaper Unisex Trainers on sale with 35% Off. Buy it here.Their Moonar Cloth Diapers are also on sale. Check it out here.
  2. Go Land Cloth Diapers – Their Halloween and Holiday Sales are on going! Three Pieces of Anan Cloth Diapers with three layer Microfiber Insert Ships Nationwide free for P550.00. They also have the Tipid Pack P700.00 Sale featuring three Anan or Naughty Baby Cloth Diapers, with three Bamboo Charcoal Insert that ships free nationwide. They also have a Gift Set Sale, where for just P1,000.00 they you could get any three cloth diapers with three layer Microfiber insert each, two pieces of Busha Pants, and Two Educational Cloth Books. This ships free Nationwide as well. Here is a link to their FB Shop.
  3. Sky’s the limit — As usual, Sky’s the limit has a lot of ongoing promos. This FB Shop has a P500.00 Promo wherein you can get THREE plain Naughty Baby CDs plus Three MF inserts for only Php 500. They also have the P990.00 Promo where in you can get SIX Naughty Baby plain CDs plus SIX MF Inserts for only Php 990.00. You can add for an insert upgrade. Go to her shop here for other promo offers.
  4. Fuzzi Bums – This FB cloth diaper shop has a 5+1 Cloth Diaper Promo where you can get five pieces of printed Alva 3.0 or Babyland Cloth Diapers, Plus one free solid/plain cloth diaper with free microfiber insert for only P1,100.00 with free shipping nationwide. Check out their Fb shop here. They also have the 444 Promo, where you would get Four pieces of Alva 3.0 or Babyland Regular with three-Layer Microfiber Insert each, plus four pcs five-Layer Bamboo Charcoal Inserts for only PHP 1,300.00 with FREE Shipping Nationwide! They also have the rainbow set promo which comes with seven Alva 3.0 solid/plain colored cloth diaper for just P1,300.00 with Free Shipping Nationwide. Check out more promos here.
  5. UPDATED: Fluffy Pwets –– Is holding a sale on their Hybrid Fitted Diapers, and even the terno ones! Some ternos originally priced at P2,200.00 is now being sold at P1,500.00 per set! Check out the availability in their website here.
  6. UPDATED: Eco Baby Boutique — This online cloth diaper shop has a Buy Three Premium Diaper, Get one Free Holiday Sale Promo. Head to her shop now! Brands include Charlie Banana, Happy Heiny and FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers!

ANOTHER UPDATE: **Asya’s Cradle and Earth Baby have both mentioned that they will soon unveil a pre-holiday sale in the coming days, so expect an updated post once they have made the announcement**

Again at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have provided the links so please check if they still have stocks, if the promo is still ongoing by the time you have read this post, and if the prices have changed or what. So, happy shopping ladies, and hope you could head on over at my Facebook Page, hit the like button so you could receive regular Happypinaymommy updates on your newsfeed.

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