Where to buy cheap but good quality kiddie bikes in the Philippines

kiddie bikes in the Philippines

Are you looking for kiddie bikes in the Philippines? (Photo Credits)

If you are planning to buy a kiddie bicycle for your child then this post is for you.

Bikes may be expensive so it is very much understandable if parents will look for an affordable but high quality alternative to those sold in malls and toy stores.

Where to buy cheap but good quality kiddie bikes in the Philippines:

  1. Cartimar — apart from pets and PX goods (pardon the dated term!), you can find imported and local kiddie bikes in the many stalls in this Pasay landmark. My Kuya Billy strongly recommends Cristy’s Bike Shop. Alternatively, you may also wanna check out Paulina’s Bike Shop.
  2. Quiapo — I was surprised to see many baby trikes and kiddie bicycles in this area particularly opposite the road where Quiapo church is or the Espana-bound side. The bikes look just like those that are sold in big supermarkets like the Hypermart or Shopwise. It is super cheap too!

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  1. Second-hand stores — if you don’t mind buying a second hand bike or trike for your kid then check out your neighborhood Japan surplus stores because they will surely have two to three in stock. If you do not see one around your neighborhood and you leave in QC then head to Araneta Center particularly where the old Rustan’s is and you will see this Japan surplus store that has kiddie bikes and trikes along with the other baby gears that they sell. Word of caution though — thoroughly clean and recondition the bike first and conduct a thorough check up before giving it to your child.
  2. Neighborhood Bike Stores — I am pretty sure there is at least one in a Major thoroughfare nearest your home and such shops are worth checking out especially if you do not want to be trapped in traffic going to Quiapo or Cartimar. They may be not as cheap but obviously the bikes and trikes they sell are more affordable versus the ones sold in the mall.
  3. Lazada — buying a bike may be a hassle especially if you will just use public transportation to take it home. Why not buy it online instead and since most may be more than Php1,000.00 you can get free shipping from Lazada. If you got it cheaper and you gotta pay for shipping — the cost could just be the same or even less especially if you’d have to take a cab to bring the bike home. Check out this kiddie bike for your little girl –buy it here and this bike for your little boy — buy it here. They also have baby trikes buy it here.
  4. Online shops –OLX has a long list of second hand and brand new bike sellers. You just have to be discerning in your purchase, and be more cautious as some sellers do not have an online store where you can do follow ups if ever. Then there also are other online sellers that are worth checking out:
  • Mars kingdom bikes — has kidide bicycles starting at P2200.00. Check out their FB shop here.
  • Strider No Pedal Balance Bikes – Well I have seen this bike in action, and Achi liked it a lot. They usually do demos where families converge outdoors, so one time, we chanced upon the. It is a little bit pricey, but I think my kid had fun. Here is a link to their website.

So, there you have it. I am sure there are other bike shops where you can buy cheap but good quality bicycle for kids in the Philippines. Again, i did not include the bike shops in Home Depot Ortigas (Al Terra), in BGC, Toys R Us, or Toy Kingdom, and other mall-based bicycle stores simply because the subject of this post is CHEAP but good quality bikes. I am pretty sure they give discounts but since we are talking about cheap all year round, hence the above list.

I will be updating this post as I discover more. Do not forget that along with the bike, purchase safety gears which include helmet, elbow pads, knee pads as well as good quality sneakers and reflectors. Brief your child about what he or she can do and what she cannot, along with other safety measures in riding a bicycle. More importantly, close supervision is the key. Bike with your kid. One of my fondest childhood memories included me and my dad’s regular Sunday cycling around our neighborhood!

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