Maid yaya and driver agencies in the Philippines

Maid yaya and driver agencies in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

Looking for maid yaya and driver agencies in the Philippines? Here’s a list. (Photo Credits)

One of the biggest concerns of working parents is hiring competent, trustworthy and reliable yaya and househelp. With all the horror stories that have gone viral, the quest for the ultimate Inday has become more and more elusive for most families.

And while most would say that the best househelp or nanny could be a distant relative or someone referred by a relative or a friend from the province, not all families have the means to tap such talent especially those who may not have relatives in the provinces.

I have written several posts on yayas leaving when they are needed most, as well as permanent solutions to Yaya problems, and one of the steps to move on from losing a reliable kasambahay (or letting go of an inefficient one) is hiring a new one.

The next best option or place to hire one is from an agency that HOPEFULLY screens the yayas, maids, and househelp that it provides to its clients. And while there are horror stories about agency-referred yayas and maid, it cannot be denied that there are families who have been fortunate enough to have found a great kasambahay from an agency.

So for those of who you are willing to try their luck on an agency, (and those who may have extra moolah for placement fee), here is a list of –

Maid yaya and driver agencies in the Philippines:

  1. Maid Provider PH – This is on of the most modern way of hiring a kasambahay wherein after getting in touch with an agency, the agency will set up an interview – the method of which will depend on your availability. They offer phone interview, online interview, and even face-to-face interviews. Once you have chosen a househelp from the ones that they have lined up for you, you would have to settle the fees (which you can do over the internet as they accept credit cards) and they will deliver the yaya, maid or househelp right at your doorstep. To know more about their agency services, here is a link to their website.
  2. Maid in the Philippines – Is yet another Maid and yaya agency that promises to provide competent services to your family. They can even provide you a cook which has an experience in local and international food, they can also provide for you a caregiver for your elders or loved ones with disabilities, as well as drivers and other domestic help needs. They boast of having a wide range of maids to choose from, one day hiring process, free replacement within a six month period, plus a refund guarantee. Their service is automated as well as the resume of the domestic help that you can choose from can be emailed to you so you can choose and review prior to conducting interviews. They also deliver the maid or yaya to your home upon settlement of fees. Here is a link to their website.

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  1. Charmonde Cane Manpower – Is a maid and yaya agency provider based in Rizal. They claim that they provide certified and affordable househelp, yayas and caregivers, who are well-trained, have appropriate NBI clearances, and have undergone medical screening. Once you have specified your needs, they will present to you the househelp that you can interview, you will then choose from the roster of maids and househelp that they have and then they will bring the maid to your home soon after.They promise that they do not have hidden fees, and that the contracts that they have are all in accordance to the Kasambahay Law. Here is a link to their website.
  2. Maid.Ph – Is yet another yaya agency that promises to provide reliable domestic help for your family. Apart from presenting to you an online bio data of prospective yaya and househelp, they also have in their file biometrics of the domestic helpers in their roster. They also claim that they conduct a background investigation on the maids that are part of their manpower pool and that they do a stringent checking of the legal documents that are being presented to therm. Head on to their website here.

So there you have it, I am sure there are other Maid, yaya, and driver agencies in the Philippines that you can choose from. Again, please, please do your own diligent work in checking the agencies and the maids that you choose to care for your families. No one can ever guarantee that. On my part, I will be updating this blog post once I have learned about more maid agencies in the Philippines. If you have time, hope you can drop by my Facebook Page, to receive updates straight on your newsfeed. Please hit the like button while you’re at it too!

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