GUEST POST: DIY Candy Buffet Preparation Checklist

Know more about DIY Candy Buffet Preparations in this Guerstpost from outreachmama.

Know more about DIY Candy Buffet Preparations in this Guestpost from

DIY Candy Buffet Preparation Checklist

As you all know, our little blog’s newest section is its Do-It-Yourself Parties – a very useful resource if I may say for us practical happy pinay mommies. That is why I am so thrilled when fellow writer Wendy Dessler of OutreachMama got in touch with me to share with you the How To’s in creating DIY Candy Buffets particularly through a DIY Candy Buffet Preparation Checklist.

Hope you will learn a lot from her guest post below:

DIY Candy Buffet Preparation Checklist. (Photo Credits)

DIY Candy Buffet Preparation Checklist. (Photo Credits)

DIY Candy Buffet Preparation Checklist

By Wendy Dessler

Candy buffets have reached the height of popularity in recent years. It’s really fun for moms, dads, and the kids to create beautiful candy decor perfectly designed for their upcoming birthday party, Halloween party, Christmas party, or any other type of party imaginable for that matter. Plus, this decoration also doubles as an amazing treat for partygoers! So it has a dual purpose and also creates an amazing feeling of nostalgia.

Are you attempting to create your own DIY candy bar in the future? Here’s our checklist of five things for every amazing candy buffet.

DIY Candy Buffet Checklist

DIY Candy Buffet Checklist

The checklist includes:

  • candy selection
  • creating signs
  • candy containers
  • table decorations
  • accessories

As you can see, this is a lot to consider when creating a DIY candy buffet. We will explain each section in greater detail right now to give you a better understanding.

Candy Selection

With every DIY candy bar, selecting the candy should be the best, most exciting part of the process! We highly recommend getting the kids involved at this stage of the game. They’ll want to choose their favorite candies for the candy buffet.

When buying candy please consider the following:

  • Buy at half a pound of candy for each guest – this may be a lot and you may have leftovers but at least you know that you’ll have enough for everyone.
  • Be careful of candies that melt – chocolate and other types of candies can melt if the conditions are hot enough. Be aware and consider other candy options if the buffet will be in a hot environment.
  • Guest allergies – some guests may be allergic to certain types of candy, so keep this in mind during the candy selection process.

Creating Signs

Signs can serve a threefold purpose for your candy buffet.

They can:

  • Act as additional decorations.
  • Let partygoers know about certain ingredients that they might be allergic to.
  • Let partygoers know when the candy buffet is open or closed.

Decorate your signs so that they match the candy buffet and make them beautiful additional pieces to this gorgeous candy decor.

Candy Containers

Buying the right candy containers is also another fun part of the candy buffet creation process. You can get cute, attractive, and unique candy jars for just a couple of dollars online or in your favorite thrift stores.

Table Decorations

To truly bring out the beauty of your candy buffet, it’s best to decorate the display table. Mix in colored ornaments and vases around the candy jars and you’ll have a beautiful display that everyone loves.


Candy accessories are a must at every good candy buffet. Plastic scoops and tongs to grab candy are a necessity to promote good hygiene. Find them online or at your local thrift or convenience store.


Creating an amazing DIY candy bar doesn’t need to feel impossible or overwhelming. Use this checklist and your next candy buffet creation should go off without a hitch.

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So there you have it, I hope you have learned a lot from Wendy’s article.

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