Happypinaymommy’s Filipino Weekly Menu Plan for Nov 21-28, 2016

Happypinaymommy.com's weekly filipino menu plan for November 21-28, 2016

Happypinaymommy.com’s weekly Filipino menu plan for November 21-28, 2016 (Photo Credits)

Hi there ladies! Pardon my two month hiatus in posting meal plans. Will try my very best to regularly update our Filipino Menu Plan every end of the week to help you out as well in your grocery shopping.

So before I explain some of the choices I made for our weekly ulam recipes, here is our meal plan for the week —

Happypinaymommy Filipino Weekly Menu Plan for Nov 21-28, 2016:


Happypinaymommy.com’s weekly filipino meal plan for Nov 21-28,2016

For this week, I started labeling lunches also as grade-schooler’s baon. Some of us may already have a gradeschooler, and honestly, thinking of what to pack for lunch can be time-consuming so it better be planned as well ( i by the way have school lunch baon recipe ideas here). To hit two birds with one stone, whatever is for breakfast or lunch that day, shall also be the gradeschooler’s lunch. I am most likely to lean on the lunch menu being similar with that of the gradeschooler’s baon since either the gradeschooler already ate the same breakfast OR we have been constrained to pack it for them so they could eat it while on the way to school. Given the very lousy traffic situation in the morning, children may no longer have time to sit down and finish their breakfasts as they would rather sleep some more, and at the same time be in school on time. Some moms, they pack the breakfast so that the kids can eat it on the way to school, or upon arrival.

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As you can see, some ulams indicated are left-overs to ensure that no food and money will be wasted. It is disheartening to see food going to waste just because family members forgot about it in the ref, or they simply have not been trained to eat left overs.

The Tuna nuggets recipe, I learned from some of my social media friends – it is cheap and easy, just cans of shredded tuna, some crumbed crackers, egg and then cooking oil for frying. Easy and a hit with the children! Mind you it can be a baon or a meryenda or a lunch!

So there you have it. Hope ill be able to help you plan out your ulam meals for the coming week.

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