GUEST POST: 2016 Christmas Gift Guide for Moms

Guest Post: 2016 Christmas Gift Guide

Guest Post: 2016 Christmas Gift Guide

Again, it is the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is the season of giving, and apart from thinking of gifts for our kids, husband, and other members of the family, we also have to think of gifts for our relatives and friends who are also mothers like us. A 2016 Christmas Gift Guide will definitely be a great help.

Let us thank Mommy Cathy of for this wonderful article that shares gift ideas for our fellow mothers. we could use suggestions a lot especially since we are slowly getting busier as Christmas draws nearer (if you do not have anything yet to get busy about read my recent post on free Christmas Pasyalans around the metro and go to each of them with the bagets in tow!). Anyway, without further ado, here is Mommy Cathy’s guest post on:

2016 Christmas Gift Guide for Moms

By: Cathy Tejano

2016 Christmas Gift Guide

2016 Christmas Gift Guide for moms.  (Photo Credits)

It’s Christmas time again, the season of giving. And for moms, this means yet another planning for the celebration, buying gifts for the family, and making sure everyone’s merry during the holidays. But let’s stop for a moment and think of giving a well-thought gift to someone who has given so much and yet expects nothing in return. For the Christmas season, consider giving moms a gift they will appreciate. Whether it’s your own mom, a mom friend, or even yourself (tell your hubby to buy it for you!), these gifts are sure to win any mom’s heart.

Gifts that will tickle the “kikay” side of moms

  • Gift Certificate for a Spa and Massage treatment
  • Makeup set to “glamify” mom’s outer beauty
  • High-end perfume
  • Organic body scrubs, soaps, shampoos, and lotion
  • Anti-aging body and face creams
  • Electric hair dryer

Gifts for the new moms

  • Lightweight diaper bag with thermal pockets to hold warm bottles
  • Scrapbook to hold her baby’s first pictures, umbilical cord stump, and hospital tags
  • 2L water bottle to keep her hydrated during the sleepless nights
  • Multipurpose stylish scarfs that can also serve as baby’s blanket
  • Fenugreek capsules

Gifts that will help moms get organized

  • 2017 Planner or journal
  • Whiteboard and pen markers
  • Cellphone case with card pockets
  • Pocket organizers that can fit in any bag

Gifts that will prepare moms for a busy day

  • Electric coffee maker
  • Key holders that can hold car keys, door keys, and basically just anything that requires a key
  • Big sunglasses to cover some eyebags

Gifts that will comfort moms after a busy day

  • Soft Pillow
  • Inspiring books
  • Totes slippers
  • Porcelain tea set

Gifts for the Momblogger

  • 2017 Blog Planner
  • Flash drive to store files, pictures, and applications
  • High-quality pens of different colors
  • Whiteboard and pen markers
  • Stress ball to release tension from hand and wrist due to typing

Gifts for the techie mom

  • Smartphone with a high-quality camera
  • Laptop or tablet
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Power bank

Gifts for Grand Moms

  • Necklace with a pendant that has a picture of her family
  • Charm bracelet with each charm signifying a certain memory
  • A black-and-white picture of her once pregnant self
  • A hotel or tour package

That’s it. I hope this post has helped you think of what gift to get.  And you might want to go shopping for gifts early on to avoid the holiday traffic and crowd. Happy shopping and enjoy the holidays!

Mommy Cathy is a stay-at-home mom who is on her way to becoming a work-at-home mom, that is if her one-year-old decides to take longer naps. She blogs at and would love to help other moms who want to learn about blogging and SEO.

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So there you have it, I hope you got some ideas from the write-up that Cathy shared.

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