Breakfast Food Recipes Children Can Eat in the Car

Breakfast Food Recipes Children Can Eat in the Car

Here’s a list of Breakfast Food Recipes Children Can Eat in the Car. (Photo Credits with Modifications)

In the run up to the opening of classes, I have thought of coming up with another article which is Breakfast Food Recipes Children Can Eat in the Car. This is again part of our series on baon and breakfast recipes and ideas for our school aged children.

I have recently posted about quick breakfasts that us moms can prepare during those mornings when everything has been crazy and alarm clocks have been over-snoozed. But what if there literally is no more time to have breakfast, and the morning was just enough to pack baons, brush teeth, wash the face and change into the school uniform?? First time parents may say YUCK to this, but those with more than one children who are iof school age definitely know what I am talking about.

But during hurried mornings, we can only balance punctuality in school and nutrition, hence the point of this article. I am thinking that the solution to this is to give children nutritious  breakfast items that they can eat in the car or aboard their respective school buses. Not too messy of course, and some can be pre-made in bulk the day before with the left overs frozen for future re-heating! So, without further ado, here are some breakfast meal recipes your children can eat en route to their school:

Breakfast Recipes Children Can Eat in the Car

1. Sandwiches – Of course good old sandwiches are the easiest food to munch in the car! Check out the easy and healthy sandwich recipes that I have posted in my past blog article here. Again, we have an almost unlimited choices of bread – usual bread loaves (or TASTY as dubbed in the 80s), pandesals, hamburger buns and even more sophisticated soft ones like focaccia, or ciabatta. Don’t forget the cheese!

2. Wraps – This is not too common in the Philippine setting but children can enjoy this. Fillings children will surely enjoy are those that have chicken, egg, ground beef or pork, and lots of cheese of course. Here are some recipes of breakfast wraps you may want to prepare for your child. This is ideal to make when we have left over chicken in the house, or even Adobo.

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3. Breakfast smoothies – Of course this is one of the easiest to prepare, in fact you can make it the night before, and just pour it in your child’s insulated bottle (here’s a great deal for a spill proof insulated and non-toxic tumbler for your child). With a blender, Osterizer or Nutri-bullet, the easiest to prepare would be a Choco Banana Smoothie (banana, powdered milk chocolate like Hershey’s Cocoa, Swiss Miss, Goya, or Cocotime, plus a cup of almond, soy or cow’s milk and crushed ice), Plain avocado or Choco-Avocado Smoothie, Strawberry or Mango and yogurt smoothie, all of which are kid-approved and very appetizing.

4. Panwiches – If you have left over pancakes, you can just easily assemble a panwich for your child to eat in the car or school bus. Just slap on a hamburger patty, or even peanut butter and jelly (plus slices of fruit inside), cream cheese and jam, then you have a breakfast on the go for kids right there. You can also make some pancakes ahead of time, and freeze it for later use.

5. Store-bought nutritious pastries – I know most of us here may not have the time and equipment to bake from scratch, so buying FRESH (not prepacked) pastries like muffins, banana loaves, carrot and raisin bread, turn-overs, and pocket pies could be very helpful for super busy mornings. Stores where we usually buy fresh pastries include Purple Oven, TLJ, The French Baker (like TLJ they have big discounts during closing time), and Bread Talk. You may also want to check out the fresh pastries from Red Ribbon, Goldilocks, Fortune Bakeshop, and S & R. Again, the key here is get something that has to be consumed within a week because that means it does not have a lot of preservatives.

5. Siopao – Yes, these are yummy on-the-go breakfast item that even your husband will appreciate (that is if he loves Siopao too). The trick here is when you are in your favorite Chinese Restaurant, order at least two sets for takeaway, then freeze it when you get home. You can then steam it or reheat it during your crazy school day morning! Alternatively, you may also want to purchase those that are frozen, and are ready for steaming available in the grocery store nearest you.

6. Waffles – If you have a waffle maker at home then go ahead and make some for your child. You can opt for filled or plain ones, and what I am sure of is that your child will definitely enjoy! Like pancakes, waffles can be frozen for later use.

7. Breakfast Bars – You can make some from scratch, but it will not hurt if you buy something from the store, provided that it is not plain sugary and non-nutritious. Choose a high-fibre variety so you will not be guilty of just sending your child to school with it plus milk drink.

Make sure to pack for them extra water and drinks for their on-the-go breakfast as the water you may be packing for them might be for their snack time or lunch break. Here is the spill-proof water bottle I will be buying for my child.

It is also important to pack these breakfasts in appropriate packaging like reusable containers (this one is what I will buy for achiebell’s on the go brekky), or a brown bag, or a reusable sandwich or pastry bag made of linen cloth.

We all know that the metro is saddled with traffic problems, and that we have to balance our eagerness to make sure that our child does not arrive late in school, to our eagerness to ensure their stomachs have been filled with nutritious food for breakfast.

Breakfast is a very critical meal for the day. It ensures that our children will have enough energy, and mental alertness to absorb lessons for the day and participate in physical activities in school. Let us all make an effort to make sure they get their fill of a nutritious first meal. (If you are in no hurry, here are great breakfast ideas cooked from scratch)

Will be coming up with more posts like this (Breakfast Food Recipes Children Can Eat in the Car) to help all of us become more intentional with the food that we serve our children. If you have the time, hope you could drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button, or follow our Instagram account so you can receive regular updates from direct on your newsfeed.

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