Best way to declutter toys towards happier homes

Moms seeking to get organized are always in search of the best way to declutter toys.

Moms seeking to get organized are always in search of the best way to declutter toys.

Moms seeking to get organized are always in search of the best way to declutter toys.

Unlike my eldest, my bunso only has a few toys. Maybe because there are already existing toys from his big sisters, or maybe because I have learned that they do not need much really. I’d like to think that i have learned already about keeping toy shopping at a minimum, decluttering and toy rotation.

Declutter toys

Before, we used to buy toys on a weekly basis. Now, we just buy during special occasions, when the merit board calls for it, and some happy meal toys in between. Less clutter, less expense too.

Every week we ask the girls to just get their top five faves in their toy bin then keep those at the end of the week, and choose another five for the coming week. The rest of their activities would be coloring and arts and crafts.

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This practice helps me a lot too in keeping our home more orderly. Having three kids without a helper can be challenging and all the more when there is too much kalat around. I encourage you to declutter toys and donate to your barangay daycare. Involve your kids in the process. If you dont have the time and the strength, get in touch with the church’s Buena Mana so they can pick it up in your home.

Toy Decluttering guide

I scoured the internet for various ways to pare down and declutter children’s toys. Like any mom seeking to have a more organized home, I was on the lookout for the best way to declutter toys. Practically Hippie for instance shared a way to organize and trim down your children’s toys using the KonMari method. The author mentioned non-negotiable toys, or the toys that they will have to get rid of. “Before beginning to declutter toys, we agreed on a list of non-negotionable items to discard: (1) broken toys; (2) duplicate toys; (3) unsafe toys; (4) loud toys; and (5) toys that aren’t age appropriate.” As for the toys that they will be keeping, the author said these will be toys that spark joy for their family (consistent with the Konmari principle, those that promote imagination, and those that are healthy for both their family and the environment. Check out their whole guide here.

Another blog that helps a lot in sparking the urge to declutter toys is the website called Becoming Minimalist. It shared tips on how to have just the right amount of toys for your family, while operating on the thought that “enough” can be subjective for each family. The author of the article, Joshua Becker in essence, is convincing parents that having just the right amount of toys will benefit children, and at the same he emphasized that parents have the ultimate control when it comes to decluttering. Check the website here.

The struggle can be real

For some parents, the struggle to keep toys at a bare minimum can be real, and I have been there and I can totally relate. But when we started paring down the number of toys that we have and regularly declutter (or destash for those that can be resold), I have come to appreciate the joys of having a “tamed” toy collection that has both benefitted us as parents, and our children.

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