Ways to make your condominium child-friendly

Ways to make your condominium child friendly

More and more families, especially those that hail in urban Manila (and now even in key cities in the country) are choosing to live in condominium units because of the many advantages that it offers. For one, it can help increase quality time among parents and children because it would mean that parents will be living nearer to their work place, and that the time getting stuck in the horrendous traffic is minimized. As long as the ways to make condominium child-friendly are observed, chances are families would enjoy living in a building.

There however are some disadvantages like smaller spaces, and less storage area. But for most families, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages it may have. For us, with young children, enjoying the vertical lifestyle would entail safety precautions so that we can all enjoy with our children with  peace of mind. Allow me to usher in then, a Guest Post of fellow writer, Maricar Borlagdatan, who will be sharing with us tips on making our condo units more child-friendly.

Here is her Guest Post:

Ways to make your condominium child-friendly

How to Make your condominium unit more child-friendly. (Image Credits) https://www.flickr.com/photos/raleene/5327694484/in/photolist-97MPXs-ojAPGV-o1m4hq-o1mj85-7nDb9Q-8Dpj7a-7nDyJj-o1m4d7-97JLGt-ohDT2Y-ofNS1f-bLntJM-ofNRUJ-o1mhxx-ohQJMk-97JG5K-bLnqPV-97JHMe-97MSMf-5UnwRN-97JEhZ-bxsLky-6Nwjz7-bLnsBz-bxsJA1-bLn4LF-bxsMsL-97JCoV-o1m41J-bxs6xw-ohy65e-bxs6Hm-97JKNc-bLnfue-bLn4Gp-pYG4EV-ohy5R8-bLnt9K-7oz8dW-7Hp3ZC-bLnw2R-6XicyY-bLn4Ha-97MUyq-bLntae-rZqYh6-97MJKU-97MLcy-bxsKm3-siHfrp

How to Make your condominium unit more child-friendly. (Image Credits)

Convenient and accessible, condominiums are the hottest type of property available in the country today. Condominiums are all over Metro Manila making it the obvious choice for families who work and attend school in the city. Aside from the convenience that it brings, condominiums also offer amenities such as swimming pool and malls that are truly fit for the whole family.

But one of the downsides of condominium units is space. Limited space is fine unless you have kids who are always running and playing around. Ensure your kiddos’ safety by following the tips below on how to create a safe space in your condominium unit.

Invest on good and proper lighting

Good lighting lessens the chances of your child to trip or fall. Convenient for kitchens and bathrooms are task lighting where specific areas can be highlighted and given ample lighting. Good lighting can also create a warm and homey atmosphere that any child needs.

Window watch

Condominiums in the Philippines often have blinds for better air flow and circulation. Many parents are afraid that the blind cords can cause harm to their children. Always tie up the cords to the blinds and make sure that it’s far away from your children.

Let some of the furniture go

We all know how hard it is to let go of our precious furniture. But since condominium units have limited space and some furniture are deemed dangerous for kids, it’s time to decide whether a piece should stay or go. For furniture that have sharp edges provide baby bumpers to avoid bumps. Make sure that all of your furniture do not topple easily.


Your family can enjoy more when you know that your whole surrounding is child-friendly. (Image Credits)

Make it sound proof

Not all condominiums are sound proof. To avoid startling your neighbors during playtime, put carpet on your floor or to the space where they most spend their active time.

Secure doors and elevators

Elevators are a must in any condominium. Don’t risk your child’s safety by securing your unit’s door. Prevent your child from going to these exit points by using doorknob covers. Put a safety door stop on the edge of the door so that finger slams can be avoided.

Choose a development with a playground

When buying a condominium, make sure to choose a development that puts safety first. There should also be amenities dedicated for the kids like a children’s playground, library, and kid’s swimming pool.

Always cover electric plugs

Children can’t be stopped from trying to hold things around your home. Tuck wires out of your child’s sight and put covers on electric plugs to avoid electric shocks.

Slip-proof bathroom

Slips and falls are common in a bathroom. Avoid an accident by keeping a non slip mat to be hidden under your decorative rug. Installing spot cover can help in preventing the child from hitting his or her head while taking a bath.

Security check

Condominiums come with reliable security team. In case of any emergency do not hesitate on contacting the condominium’s Homeowners’ Association or its admin team.


So there you have it, hope you have learned a thing or two on keeping our vertical spaces safer for our youngsters. The author of the guest post, Maricar Borlagdatan, is a creative writer who studied BA Mass Communication in Ateneo De Davao. Aside from writing about real estate, finance, and lifestyle she spends her spare time reading, petting her cat Nina, and playing video games. She currently resides in Makati. You can read more of her writings in Dot Property Philippines.

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