Disaster Preparedness for Young Families amid “The Big One”

disaster preparedness for young families

“The Big One” or the high intensity earthquake that is supposed to hit Manila and nearby provinces continues to generate buzz over social media. And although, Phivolcs has already denied issuing any warning about an exact range of time when this earthquake could take place, it said that it is still best to be prepared….
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Happypinaymommy Reflections: Zacha’s Smileversary


It has been more than two months since my last post, and my ideas for the topics that I should be writing about is getting longer as weeks pass. As I was trying to organize these titles and topics, I came across fellow mom blogger, and natural parenting advocate Mommy Seema’s post on her little…
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How to do house chores when everyone is sick

How to do household chores when everyone is sick

Musings on how to do house chores while battling the colds, cough, and flu season You see, as I have mentioned in my two previous posts, our little family is still saddled in a month-long bout with allergies-turned-viral infection that left everyone sniffling and coughing real bad. And in the past weeks I was wondering…
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Nine Things I Want My Kids to Learn From Manny Pacquiao

i want my Kids to Learn from Manny Pacquiao

And why i want my kids to learn from Manny Pacquiao We watch the early evening news almost every night, like clock work, and lately it is all about Manny Pacquiao and his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather. And while Little H is already very familiar with Manny as her dad is a big fan,…
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Why My Daughter’s Dentist is Asking for P70,000.00

Pediatric Dentist

Confessions of the Happy Pinay Mommy The 70,000 Pediatric Dental Job I confess that I am a mother of a monster-teeth pre-schooler. If you would see my daughter’s teeth, you would know where my guilt is actually coming from. And I know it is my fault. Although I religiously brush her teeth before going to…
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EDSA Is Robbing Me of Family Time

EDSA Traffic robs mothers of family time

Whether you drive your own car or take public transportation to and from your office, most Metro-Manila based working moms have one sentiment — the heavy traffic is taking a toll on their personal time. EDSA Traffic has become too heavy that it makes headline news, and would even comprise all stories in the first…
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