GUEST POST: 5 Things Moms Need to Consider Before Getting a Fulltime Online Job

Here are some of the things that you may have to consider when working from home full time.

For those of you who have been reading the blog for a while, you would know about my journey from being an 8-5 (or way beyond 5pm) corporate working mom to becoming a work-from-home mom (although very part time nowadays). This experience led me to advocate working from home, as a good way of sort…
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Maid yaya and driver agencies in the Philippines

Maid, yaya, and driver agencies in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

One of the biggest concerns of working parents is hiring competent, trustworthy and reliable yaya and househelp. With all the horror stories that have gone viral, the quest for the ultimate Inday has become more and more elusive for most families. And while most would say that the best househelp or nanny could be a…
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Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan for August 31, 2015

Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan August 31, 2015

  Hi ladies!!! It is a Friday once again and as committed to all of you, i will be helping you with deciding your meals for the upcoming week through our weekly meal plan that i will endeavor to publish on a Friday in time for your weekend grocery shopping or market duties. So here…
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Seven Filipino Recipes Under 100 Pesos

Seven Filipino Recipes Under 100 pesos

Hi everyone! One of the biggest challenges every homemaker faces is budgeting the family’s resources. The food and grocery budget remains to be a sizeable chunk of our monthly expenses and the reality is that we have to balance good nutrition and affordability of the meals if we want to stay financially on track. I…
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Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan August 24, 2015

happy pinay mommy weekly meal plan august 24

Hi Ladies! It is a Friday once again, and it is time to post the Happy Pinay Mommy weekly meal plan for the coming week. As committed to all of you, i will try my best to help you out in planning your meals for the upcoming week, as well is in getting you grocery…
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Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan for August 10 2015

Weekly Meal Plan August 10-17, 2015

Hi Mommies! Sharing with you our meal plan for the week. Certainly hoping this  is no too late to help you with your weekly meal preparation and grocery shopping. As busy moms wanting to prepare good food for the whole family, we all have to be intentional when it comes to planning our meals for…
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How to do house chores when everyone is sick

How to do household chores when everyone is sick

Musings on how to do house chores while battling the colds, cough, and flu season You see, as I have mentioned in my two previous posts, our little family is still saddled in a month-long bout with allergies-turned-viral infection that left everyone sniffling and coughing real bad. And in the past weeks I was wondering…
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Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan #5

happy pinay mommy weekly meal plan

Pardon me for not being able to post meal plans for the past two weeks. Our family allergies got out of hand and turned into viral sending our household into colds and endless coughing fits. Anyway, we are all slowly getting better and i am slowly getting my groove back – schedule wise. So since…
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My Cloth Diaper Washing Routine

Cloth Diaper Washing Routine

Every cloth-diapering mama has her own unique way of washing her baby’s cloth diapers. As i have mentioned in my first post about cloth diapering, i am just a part time cloth diapering mama. Well, my baby mostly wears cloth, but not at night and in transit. Anyway, the aspect of washing dirty diapers was…
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Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan #1

weekly meal plan

Hi Mommies, As promised, ill be sharing with you my weekly meal plan to help you in your daily food preparation in the coming week. Ill try hard to post my weekly meal plan every thursday or friday, in time for your  your grocery shopping for the weekend. A few disclaimers though: Like what i…
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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Daily Meal Preparation

daily meal preparation

Hi Mommies! Suddenly just got inspired to post my weekly meal plans for my Little Familia. Me and some of the moms over at my facebook group are discussing about how to go about cooking when you have very young kids and do not have help at all. I just wanted to share my food…
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Happy and Easy Breakfast Meals for Kids this Summer

Five Easy Breakfast Meals for Kids this Vacation Breakfast time is the most hurried meal in the house even if it is lovingly prepared. it usually gets to be eaten in a rush especially during schooldays. Now that it is summer, we have more time to prepare yummy breakfast meals for the kids that they…
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Budget Friendly Summer Activities for Kids Part 2

Budget Summer Activities for the Kids

SUMMER ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS Six Summer Activities for Kids that they will Absolutely Love As promised, here is the second installment of the Budget-Friendly Kids Summer Activities. This time we will be focusing on house activities that will guarantee hours of fun for the kidlets. Pretend Lemonade Stand – Just outside your house, set up…
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What to do when yaya leaves: More permanent Solutions to #YayaProblems

more permanent solutions to yaya probs

So, she did not come back anymore, or you really told her not to? Now What? You have already exhausted all the possible band-aid solutions to your yaya problems and nothing has happened yet. Your mom and your sister have yet to recommend a new yaya, your neighbor’s yaya has yet to get a reply…
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Wala si yaya? Possible Solutions to #YayaProblems

What to do when the nanny leaves

If you will ask any working mom to name their top five biggest fear or headache, one of their answers would be “mawalan ng yaya.” And why not, our yayas are our ka-tag team when it comes to rearing our children.   As they say, lucky is the working mom who has an ever dependable…
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Tips on taking babies to airplane rides and travelling alone with a baby

Travel tips with baby

Summer is here once again, and i vividly remember the first time Little took a plane ride. It was in H’s hometown which was a good 1.5 hour flight. I was concerned about the pressure on her ears, plus disturbing other passengers if and when she will cry. luckily all those worries, remained just that…
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Meal Planning — a weekly ‘must do’

meal planning as a regular habit

Meal Planning continues to be one of my friday night or saturday morning rituals. i always want to make sure there is enough food and ingredients in the house for the rest of the week because for me, doing grocery errands in the middle of the week, is not just a hassle — it is…
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