GUEST POST: 5 Things Moms Need to Consider Before Getting a Fulltime Online Job

Here are some of the things that you may have to consider when working from home full time.

For those of you who have been reading the blog for a while, you would know about my journey from being an 8-5 (or way beyond 5pm) corporate working mom to becoming a work-from-home mom (although very part time nowadays). This experience led me to advocate working from home, as a good way of sort…
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Six ways to make learning more enjoyable for kids

  I have always thought that learning and study time will always equate to fun time for my children — until one of my kids became of school age. I realized that I have to make learning more enjoyable, and that I have to think of fun ways to reinforce what she learns in school….
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Teaching English Online for Stay-at-Home Moms

Teaching English Online for stay-at-home moms

Hi fellow Happypinaymommies! For those of you who are interested in Teaching English Online for Stay-at-Home Moms and earn a part-time or full-time income from it, I’m sharing with you this very informative guest post from our guest writer and resource person, Mr. Luigi Reparado.  In his Guest post below, he shares to us vital…
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Guest Post: Financial Solutions for Stay-at-Home Freelancer Moms

financial solutions for work from home mothers has always been supportive of mothers who choose to work from home, either full time or part time to help support the family. We in fact have a dedicated section here – which gives ideas on where to find work from home opportunities, what side business endeavors we can do to augment the family…
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Where to buy Nanny Yaya Uniforms

where to buy nanny yaya uniforms

While most of the articles in my blog are intended to help yaya-less moms survive their journey, it also aims to provide support to full-time working moms who would need extra helping hands (and extra set/s of eyes) in rearing their children as they work outside the home to provide for them. Yayas or nannies…
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Maid yaya and driver agencies in the Philippines

Maid, yaya, and driver agencies in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

One of the biggest concerns of working parents is hiring competent, trustworthy and reliable yaya and househelp. With all the horror stories that have gone viral, the quest for the ultimate Inday has become more and more elusive for most families. And while most would say that the best househelp or nanny could be a…
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Where to buy Breast Milk Storage Containers in the Philippines

buy Breast Milk Storage Containers in the Philippines

If you are wondering where you can buy breast milk storage containers in the Philippines then this post is the answer to your question. I have compiled a list of shops – online or otherwise — where you can buy breast milk storage containers. Here is a list of shops where you can buy breast milk…
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Where to Buy Breast Pump in the Philippines

where to buy breast pump in the philippines

If you need to express breast milk for when you are away from your baby, and you need to purchase a breast pump, then this post is for you. I have compiled a list of shops – both online and physical – where you can purchase breast pumps. So here is the list of some…
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Work-at-Home-Moms have their own reasons for choosing their current work arrangement. Our second’s Work-at-Home-Mom of the Week said, it was a combination of heavy traffic, and losing time with her little boy that pushed her to consider a home-based job. As I have said I our pilot WAHM of the WEEK feature last week,…
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Legitimate Websites that Provide Online Job Opportunities for Filipino Mothers

Legitimate Websites that Provide Online Job Opportunities for Filipino Mothers

The Digital Age has given moms a lot of options in helping augment the family budget. In fact some even provide full-time income from home-based online jobs. For those of you ladies, who are wondering where you can get a Legitimate online gig that will help you earn extra money for savings, vacations, hobbies, buy…
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A Busy Mom’s guide to Healthy Take-out Food Options in the Philippines

Healthy Take-Out Food Options in The PHilippines

We have all been there. Not enough time to cook lunch or dinner because of errands that took longer than expected, overtime work or work commitments, heavy traffic. We either resort to food delivery service or if we are out, grab take out. But we all know that fastfood is not the healthiest of options…
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Being a mom is such a happy but hard work. If you combine trying to help in augmenting the family budget, then the mommying gets all the more challenging. I have decided to write a series of posts to honor Work at Home Moms (WAHMs) who combine mothering and earning an income. This is also…
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Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan for August 31, 2015

Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan August 31, 2015

  Hi ladies!!! It is a Friday once again and as committed to all of you, i will be helping you with deciding your meals for the upcoming week through our weekly meal plan that i will endeavor to publish on a Friday in time for your weekend grocery shopping or market duties. So here…
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What Can a Pinay Mommy do while stuck in EDSA traffic?

Stuck in EDSA Traffic

Being stuck in traffic is one of the worst timesucks ever, and we all know that. I remember this facebook post i read that the best solution to EDSA traffic is to have everyone go through this traffic monster of a highway using a Zip Line. Anyway, not to be whiny or nega, but in…
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Documents Needed to Process Philippine Maternity Benefits

Process Maternity Benefits

PREGGY DIARIES The Documents Soon-to-be Working Moms Have to Prepare to Process Philippine Maternity Benefits Once you have confirmed that you are pregnant, the next thing you should be doing as a soon-to-be working mother is to prepare the documents that you will be needing to process your maternity benefits. As soon as you got…
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What to do when yaya leaves: More permanent Solutions to #YayaProblems

more permanent solutions to yaya probs

So, she did not come back anymore, or you really told her not to? Now What? You have already exhausted all the possible band-aid solutions to your yaya problems and nothing has happened yet. Your mom and your sister have yet to recommend a new yaya, your neighbor’s yaya has yet to get a reply…
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Wala si yaya? Possible Solutions to #YayaProblems

What to do when the nanny leaves

If you will ask any working mom to name their top five biggest fear or headache, one of their answers would be “mawalan ng yaya.” And why not, our yayas are our ka-tag team when it comes to rearing our children.   As they say, lucky is the working mom who has an ever dependable…
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EDSA Is Robbing Me of Family Time

EDSA Traffic robs mothers of family time

Whether you drive your own car or take public transportation to and from your office, most Metro-Manila based working moms have one sentiment — the heavy traffic is taking a toll on their personal time. EDSA Traffic has become too heavy that it makes headline news, and would even comprise all stories in the first…
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The Travails of Doctor T, a Full-Time Pinay Working Mom

Pinay Working Moms

  Little and I went to her dental check up. Her pediatric dentist, Dr. T, was easy to talk to, not to mention, very pleasant. (UPDATE: Ladies, Doctor T is not the doctor i mentioned in this post that quoted P70K for my daughter’s dental treatment, as an update to this post, Doctor T now…
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Lady of La Leche, St.Gerard, and other patron saints of motherhood

Thank you for heeing my requests for intercession, St. Gerard and Our Lady of La Leche.

I am not a very religious person, but I was brought up as catholic and I try to live like one. Prayer has always been my ally way back when im younger, and moreso now that I am a parent. In fact the mother of all mothers for me is the Mother of Perpetual Help,…
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Meal Planning — a weekly ‘must do’

meal planning as a regular habit

Meal Planning continues to be one of my friday night or saturday morning rituals. i always want to make sure there is enough food and ingredients in the house for the rest of the week because for me, doing grocery errands in the middle of the week, is not just a hassle — it is…
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