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HappyPinayMommy.com aims to share parenting experiences and musings to soon-to-be moms, first-time moms, and even those at the thick of their parenting careers. Although the author is far from being a parenting expert, she hopes imparting her experiences can help – or even inspire fellow mothers to be the best moms they could be.

Most of the articles help deal with the hectic mommy life facing the modern Pinay Mommy whether she works outside the home, works from home, or stays at home. Some may be funny anecdotes, others more serious — could be dramatic especially on those days when the author is quite overwhelmed (but remains thankful and happy) with what motherhood has to offer.

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About the Author


I have always been a writer. Since high school actually when I joined our school publication’s editorial team. After college, i spent several years as a professional writer, and a couple more in the corporate world. I got so fed up with EDSA and being away from my little family that i decided to just stay home and continue doing what i love doing — writing, and focusing on mothering my little loves.

This blog is all about my adventures in parenthood, my experiences as a working mother, and what little talent i have in homemaking. I am sincerely hoping you get to learn a few things from my little website, and that i will be able to spread some positive mothering vibes to all of you (although this does not mean that the posts are drama-free whenever i find myself at the trenches of mommyhood).

Forgive the photo i chose, i will be getting a full-body shot once i get my pre-mommy figure back 🙂 i am still in the process of bringing back the “alindog,” (to those who do not understand the phrase, what i was just saying is that, i am still in the process of bringing sexy back) so please bear with me.

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