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Pinay Working Moms

A Sneak Peek in the Struggles or one of the many Pinay Working Moms. (Photo Credits)

How to do household chores when everyone is sick

How to do household chores when everyone is sick

Stuck in EDSA Traffic

Stuck in EDSA Traffic? You can still be productive, mommy. (Photo Credits)

i want my Kids to Learn from Manny Pacquiao

Determination, and Hardwork are just some of the many things i want my kids to learn from Manny Pacquiao. (Photo Credits: Roger Alcantara, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

EDSA Traffic robs mothers of family time

Does your daily commute tae a toll on your familty time? you are not alone.

working moms leaving on-the-dot

Do you leave your desk at the strike of five to achieve that elusive work-life balance? You are not alone.

Patron Saint of Breastfeeding Mothers

I never knew that i could ask for intercession for continued breastmilk supply until i stumbled into a Marian exhibit.

Pediatric Dentist

Epic Teeth: The Set of Teeth That Launched P70,000.00