Kiddie and toddler vitamins to help increase appetite

Here is a list of children and toddler vitamins to help increase appetite. (Photo Credits)

While chunkiness and weight will never be the only factors to determine if a child is healthy, a “patpatin” but healthy Filipino child will usually have parents endlessly worrying about their child’s physique. Kiddie and toddler vitamins to help increase appetite seems to be a much sought after phenomenon among Filipino parents. And this is…
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Budget Friendly Summer Activities for Kids Part 2

Budget Summer Activities for the Kids

SUMMER ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS Six Summer Activities for Kids that they will Absolutely Love As promised, here is the second installment of the Budget-Friendly Kids Summer Activities. This time we will be focusing on house activities that will guarantee hours of fun for the kidlets. Pretend Lemonade Stand – Just outside your house, set up…
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Kids and Storytelling time

Bedtime Stories - Three Little Pigs

I remember my mom telling me stories during bedtime. I vividly remember being scared about ogres and other characters in the stories she read to me. I didn’t like ‘puss in boots’. I get distracted when listening about Alice and Wonderland. I could relate to Cinderella. But my favorite was Three Little Pigs. Always is,…
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