School Lunch Baon Ideas – Part 3

Here is the third installment in our series of School Lunch Baon Ideas for Kids. (Photo Credits)

As promised here is the third installment in our series of School Lunch Baon ideas for your gradeschoolers. As we go further into the school year it really becomes more challenging to think of lunch baon to pack for the kids. Of course we want something that they would finish, as they need to have…
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Lunch Baon Ideas for School Kids – Part 2

Here is the Second Part of our series on Lunch Baon Ideas for School Kids. (Photo Credits)

As promised here is the continuation on our series on Baon Ideas for our school-aged kids. I remember apart from the packed lunch, we should also be concerned about where we pack our children’s lunches. Although I would like to buy my daughter those stainless tin can things, I find myself packing her lunches in…
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Lunch Ulam Baon Ideas for School Kids – Part 1

Running out of lunch baon ideas for school kids? Here are some suggestions.

Day in and day out we have to prepare lunch ulam baons for our school-aged children, and it is very easy to run out of ideas on what to prepare for them. After all, we need a lunch meal that is nutritious, easy-to-prepare for those crazy school mornings, fits our budget, and of course appeal…
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Snack Baon ideas for Pre-Schoolers

Snack Baon Ideas for Pre-schoolers

With merely two weeks before the opening of classes, we moms should be armed with a good repertoire of nutritious snack or baon ideas for pre-schoolers. If you are still clueless as to what to pack for your child this coming school year, then this post is for you. So here are – Snack Baon…
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Where to Buy Bento Tools and Accessories in the Philippines

Bento tools and accessories in the Philippines

If you are looking for Bento box tools and accessories for your kid’s Bento boxes then this post is for you. We know that some moms want to try out Bento making to encourage their kids to eat more, and eat healthier. I am not a really creative mom, and I have taken steps to…
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Yummy and Easy Sandwich Recipes for Baon

Yummy and Easy Sandwich recipes for baon

Are you running out of ideas for sandwiches to prepare for your kids and your husband’s baon? I have compiled a list of some sandwich recipes that you may want to try to give that ready-made sandwich spread a break. Here are yummy and easy sandwich recipes for baon: 1. Crabstick Sandwich – Well, I…
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