Filipino Preserved Food Recipes for Business

preserved food recipes for business in the Philippines

So I am apparently on a roll when it comes to food business ideas that moms like us can have. I hope you enjoyed our recent posts on goodies, steamed desserts, puto variants, and sweets that you can sell. Now I am going to suggest to you some Filipino food items with longer shelf life…
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Puto Recipes for Business in the Philippines

Puto Recipes for Business in the Philippines

This is the fourth or fifth installment I think in my series on food items that you can sell in the Philippines. In the aim of helping moms like me earn extra from home, I decided to come up with this series, to help give extra income ideas for stay at home moms, full time…
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No-bake Chocolate Recipes for Business in the Philippines

chocolate recipes for business in the Philippines

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you want to earn extra in this season of love, the why don’t you sell some no-bake chocolate goodies? This is the second part of’s series of posts on food items that can be sold for extra income. I have earlier written about Filipino sweets…
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No bake Filipino Dessert recipes for business

No bake Filipino desserts for business

  If you are looking for an extra income – whether as a full-time working mom or a stay at home mom, then you might want to consider these no-bake desserts to sell in the Philippines. These are really easy to do, and with just enough clean and creative packaging, plus patience and sales talk,…
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Cheap and Easy Filipino Eggplant Recipes

Here are some cheap and easy Filipino eggplant recipes. (Photo Credits)

Eggplant or Talong is one veggie that can be found in almost all markets and is available all year round. It is packed with anti-oxidants and other nutrients that could help lower your cholesterol levels. Not to mention, this veggie is not as expensive as other vegetables, even in its organic form. If you’d like…
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Yummy and Easy Sandwich Recipes for Baon

Yummy and Easy Sandwich recipes for baon

Are you running out of ideas for sandwiches to prepare for your kids and your husband’s baon? I have compiled a list of some sandwich recipes that you may want to try to give that ready-made sandwich spread a break. Here are yummy and easy sandwich recipes for baon: 1. Crabstick Sandwich – Well, I…
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Malunggay Recipes for Breastfeeding Moms

Malunggay Recipes for Breastfeeding Moms

Malunggay is very helpful in terms of supporting the nutrition needs of a breastfeeding mother. This post is meant to help lactating moms have a wider variety of Malunggay recipe choices to prepare for herself and for her family. Here are some Malunggay recipes for breastfeeding mommies: 1. Corn and Malunggay Soup – I have…
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Five Delicious Filipino Vegetable Recipes under P100.00

Filipino vegetable recipes under P100.00

Nowadays, we have to be more intentional on what we are to feed our families. We have to serve meals that are not only delicious, but nutritious as well. In this day and age where time is of the essence and gone are the days where you can afford to cook two ulams per meal…
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Hi ladies! Forgive me for being one day late in sharing with you,‘s meal plan for the upcoming week. Achi had another dental thingie, and my tiny schedule was kinda rocked yesterday because of it. Anyway, as i say every week, I am sharing with you our meal plan  to help you map out…
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Filipino Lumpia Recipes under P100.00

Filipino Lumpia Recipes under P100.00

Lumpia is one distinct Filipino food that is both delicious and economical to make. It is so distinct that my hipag tells me, this is what is usually being requested  as potluck contribution from pinoys whenever there are gatherings in the US. Anyway, for families who are trying to stay within the budget i compiled…
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Easy Filipino Fried Rice Recipes Under P100.00

Quick and Easy Filipino Fried Rice Recipes

Fried Rice is a happy food for us Pinoys. It is an economical meal because it allows us to recycle food — just be sure the rice was refrigerated to avoid food poisoning (see other food-poisoning prevention tips here),   and at the same time it is quite cultural because we are really accustomed to eating…
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Hi Ladies, It is a Friday once again, and here I am sharing with you our meal plan for the coming week, September 7-14, 2015. Hopefully, this could help all of you map out your family’s meals for the coming week, streamline your grocery list for tomorrow or Sunday, and lessen the stress of thinking…
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Quick, Easy, and Cheap Filipino Dessert Recipes under P100.00

quick, easy, and cheap Filipino dessert recipes under P100.00

  As most pastry chefs say, “life is short, eat dessert first,” and so we mommies, no matter how budget conscious we may want to be, have to set aside a little extra for an added sweetness in our life. Hence I thought of compiling a list of some quick, easy, and cheap Filipino dessert…
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Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan for August 31, 2015

Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan August 31, 2015

  Hi ladies!!! It is a Friday once again and as committed to all of you, i will be helping you with deciding your meals for the upcoming week through our weekly meal plan that i will endeavor to publish on a Friday in time for your weekend grocery shopping or market duties. So here…
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Filipino Fish Recipes that your meat-loving kid will like

Filipino Fish Recipes Even Meat Loving Kids Will Like

While a lot of kids love fish especially during toddlerhood, some of them outgrow the love for it once they have been exposed (usually on many occasions by meat-loving adults, ehem-ehem!) to fried chicken, breaded porkchop, and other savory meat dishes. So what’s a mom, aiming to give a ‘balanced diet’ to do? Here are…
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Seven Filipino Recipes Under 100 Pesos

Seven Filipino Recipes Under 100 pesos

Hi everyone! One of the biggest challenges every homemaker faces is budgeting the family’s resources. The food and grocery budget remains to be a sizeable chunk of our monthly expenses and the reality is that we have to balance good nutrition and affordability of the meals if we want to stay financially on track. I…
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Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan August 24, 2015

happy pinay mommy weekly meal plan august 24

Hi Ladies! It is a Friday once again, and it is time to post the Happy Pinay Mommy weekly meal plan for the coming week. As committed to all of you, i will try my best to help you out in planning your meals for the upcoming week, as well is in getting you grocery…
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10 Tips to Avoid Food Poisoning at Home

Tips to Avoid food poisoning at home

The past couple of weeks saw news headlines that involved food poisoning in different parts of the country. Even alarming is the fact that most of the victims are children, and some even die of it. The DOH even issued warnings about this already. As moms, the best thing that we can do to combat…
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Fun Meryenda Recipes you can Prepare with your Kids

Meryenda Recipes you Can Prepare with your Kids

Are your weekends starting to get boring? Are the rains confining you and the very energetic kids at home? Worry no more mommies. Get busy in the kitchen and hit two birds with one stone. Have a “cooking activity” with the kids and prepare them meryenda at the same time! Perfect weekend bonding! Here are…
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Filipino Soup Recipes for Breastfeeding Mommies

Filipino Soup Recipes for Breastfeeding Moms

  As breastfeeding moms, we are often told by our elders and other experienced moms that soup will help us make more milk. And based on my experience, it really helps! Apart from helping with milk production, it also helps comfort our tired and sleepy bodies especially during the newborn stage when we do not…
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Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan for August 10 2015

Weekly Meal Plan August 10-17, 2015

Hi Mommies! Sharing with you our meal plan for the week. Certainly hoping this  is no too late to help you with your weekly meal preparation and grocery shopping. As busy moms wanting to prepare good food for the whole family, we all have to be intentional when it comes to planning our meals for…
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Five Yummy Soup Recipes for the Rainy Season

yummy soup recipes

Rainy days are here again mommies, and what could be most comforting for our little tots than having a steaming bowl of soup with their rice? Apart from the usual sinigang, tinolas, bulalo, nilaga and sinampalukans, what could be the other perfect soup dishes that our kids may enjoy? Here’s Happy Pinay Mommy’s Top Five…
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Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan #1

weekly meal plan

Hi Mommies, As promised, ill be sharing with you my weekly meal plan to help you in your daily food preparation in the coming week. Ill try hard to post my weekly meal plan every thursday or friday, in time for your  your grocery shopping for the weekend. A few disclaimers though: Like what i…
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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Daily Meal Preparation

daily meal preparation

Hi Mommies! Suddenly just got inspired to post my weekly meal plans for my Little Familia. Me and some of the moms over at my facebook group are discussing about how to go about cooking when you have very young kids and do not have help at all. I just wanted to share my food…
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Meal Planning — a weekly ‘must do’

meal planning as a regular habit

Meal Planning continues to be one of my friday night or saturday morning rituals. i always want to make sure there is enough food and ingredients in the house for the rest of the week because for me, doing grocery errands in the middle of the week, is not just a hassle — it is…
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