Where to buy Fabric for Curtains in the Philippines

Buy fabric for curtains in the Philippines

If you are looking into doing DIY curtains to save up on money, or purely to have an outlet for your creative homemaking prowess then this post is for you. I have earlier written about where to buy curtains in the Philippines (both for physical shops, and online stores) but I understand that some of…
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Online Shops that sell Curtains in the Philippines

Online Shops that sell Curtains in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

I have earlier written a post on places where you can buy cheap and cheerful curtains. But for those of you who may not be able to leave the house for longer periods of time to head to these shops (due to epic traffic, WAHM Business Commitments, Being Yaya-Less), then this post is for you….
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Where to buy Cheap Christmas Decorations in the Philippines

buy cheap christmas decorations in the philippines

Read just now that there are only five Mondays left before Christmas and i felt happy and at the same time panicky because i have yet to find decorations that will make our little home more christmas-y. So here i am sharing with you places where you can find cheap and cheerful Christmas decorations 🙂…
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How to make homemade Dishwashing soap in the Philippines

homemade Dishwashing soap in the Philippines

As a follow-up to my recent post on natural and DIY homemade detergents, here are some DIY dishwashing soap recipes that make use of ingredients available in Philippine supermarkets. While most recipes that you will see in the internet call for ingredients like washable soda and essential oils, I am glad to let you, my…
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