Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan #5

happy pinay mommy weekly meal plan

Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan #5. Photo Credits.

Pardon me for not being able to post meal plans for the past two weeks. Our family allergies got out of hand and turned into viral sending our household into colds and endless coughing fits.

Anyway, we are all slowly getting better and i am slowly getting my groove back – schedule wise. So since it is a Thursday, I will be sharing with you, as usual, our Happy Pinay Mommy Meal Plan for next week.

So here is our Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan #5:


happy pinay mommy weekly meal plan aug12015

Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan for the Week of Aug 01, 2015

If you are not too keen on some of the meals, or have food allergies, you may want to check out our past weekly meal plans here, and choose from there.

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If this is your first time to get hold of a Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan, you will notice that some of the meals are recycled — like lunch carried over to dinners, or lunch left-overs cooked slightly different for dinner such as the Fried Tilapia Lunch, that will be converted into Escabeche. This is again a way to save time and money, because whether you work outside the home, work from home, or stay at home — time is of the essence for us moms.

Again, i have included store-bought meryendas, like frozen siopao, rice cakes, oatmeal cookies etc. Most of us moms need this because we may not have the time, ability, or the tools to cook some of these from scratch. Most of the meals i included are also batch-cooking friendly like the lumpiang shanghai (which you can make in advance the day you shopped for the ground pork — the frozen, ready-to-fry lumpia you will make can last up to two weeks in your freezer),  the chicken adobo, and even the banana heart patties (i suggest though that you just buy this one at the echo store).

So till next week mommies!

Here is a video of one of my favorite chefs cooking pinakbet with yummy bagnet. So Sinful!