Signs that you are a Cloth Diaper Addict — Part 2

cloth diaper addict part 2

Are you a cloth diaper addict? here are ten more signs. Photo credits

Are you getting addicted to cloth diapers? You are certainly not alone, because, as you can see this is already part 2 of the “signs” and “symptoms” of being a cloth diaper addict.

Well, as i have said in part 1, there basically is nothing wrong with this addiction, because it is not at all destructive, and the most destruction it can do is in a mommy’s wallet — (but then again we can resell or de-stash right?). Who would not be enamored with the eye-candy prints, and adorable soft fluff, that makes our babies’ booties even cuter??

Anyway, before I tread on a different topic, here are 10 more signs of being a CD Junkie

Signs that you are a Cloth Diaper Addict, Part 2:

11. The scent of newly washed nappies brighten up your day.

12. Stuffing your Pocket CDs relaxes you, in fact, you do not even notice that you keep on smelling them each time you stuff and fold.

13. You love arranging and re-arranging your stash, and just admiring them, occasionally taking stash shots for posterity and FB posting.

14. You believe that there is nothing wrong with acquiring more diapers because you can resell it anyway.

15. You have thought of embarking on an FB Diaper Shop Business at one point in your highly-addicted phase.

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16. You no longer have to give delivery instructions, or your shipping details to your CD supplier because “she already has it on file.”

17. You absolutely love discussing your wash routine with fellow CDing moms, and you unselfishly share your laundry hacks with moms who are just starting their journey.

18. The Bidet is your Best friend. Your other BFFs are your Washing Machine and Your Octopus Hangers.

19. You have a “winning formula” on using Cloth Diapers for your baby even while traveling.

20. When someone asks you what “Pasalubong” you would like from out of the country, you would say “CDs” without batting an eyelash.

I think i still have to come up with a part 3, and if you have other ‘CD Addiction” symptoms in mind please let me know through a comment below, or through a PM or even wall post on my FB Page. I promise to acknowledge you and say hi!

Now excuse me, because I am just going to pre-rinse little Shobe’s dipes!

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