Drying Cloth Diapers During the Rainy Season

One of the challenges of using cloth diapers during the rainy season is how to quickly dry the cloth diapers. This especially if the washing machine has no air dry function, or the spin drier is broken.

drying cloth diapers during the rainy season

The challenge of drying cloth diapers during the rainy season. Photo Credits

So what is a cloth diapering Pinay Mommy to do? Again, i scoured the internet and FB forums as I am not an expert on cloth diapering, and the series of posts that I have on cloth diapering is part of my CD Journey.

Anyway, here are some tips on drying cloth diapers during the rainy season as advised by well experienced CD Mamas:

1.As much as possible use pocket CDs because pockets dry quicker compared to other systems like AIO, AI2 or HFs.

2. As for the inserts, the Electric Fan will be your best friend. Air the CDs using your electric fan. This one is what we use, and you may buy it here (it is on sale!!!!)  It would be great as well if you could use collapsible clothes drying racks indoors — buy one here.

3. I have yet to try this but some mommies swear by hanging their inserts behind the refrigerator so it could dry quickly. If ever you are thinking of doing the same, I guess you should limit your CDs and Inserts’ exposure to high heat as these may get damaged.


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  1. If you want you can use covers and flats or pre folds because these are the fastest to dry.
  2. Personally, I use flats as well as my prefolds as emergency boosters and inserts during the rainy season.
  3. If the budget permits, then you may want to invest on additional inserts. Hemp and Bamboo take long to dry so you may want to double up on those.
  4. Well if there is more extra moolah, then why not upgrade your washing machine. If your current washer is not yet automatic like this, then you might want to check this out as your clothes will come out of it dried about 85%, It is on discount here. But if you do not want to be problemati come rainy season and you have money to spare then why not buy this Samsung Eco Bubble which can dry up your clothes 100% wash after wash. Buy it here.  I wrote a more detailed post on washing machines for cloth diapering Families here.
  5. If the budget does not permit, the American CD website I frequent recommend the use of T-Shirt Flats which you can make out of old cotton T-Shirts. Here is a DIY Tutorial you may want to check out:


Will be updating this post as I learn more tips. For now, happy Cloth Nappying fellow mommies and enjoy the rainy season! Lower Meralco Bill Yay!


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