My Cloth Diaper Washing Routine

Every cloth-diapering mama has her own unique way of washing her baby’s cloth diapers. As i have mentioned in my first post about cloth diapering, i am just a part time cloth diapering mama. Well, my baby mostly wears cloth, but not at night and in transit.

Cloth Diaper Washing Routine

My Cloth Diaper Washing Routine. (Photo Credits)

Anyway, the aspect of washing dirty diapers was one hump i had to hurdle to get to the cloth diapering boat. I was worried how it will go. If i had to handwash, if it will stink, if the soap will be expensive, if it will eat too much of my time.

Luckily, for me, it was not.

I only needed the following:

1. A new trash bin that i converted into a dry pail ( i love the cover it has, and i got it here)

2. My 35-peso per 500-gram plain Calla Detergent

3. Our organizer box that i turned into a basin simply because we do not have a batya in our house.

4. Portable water heater like this (i will explain later, promise)

5.Squirt Bottle (like those used for ketchup — again, i will explain later)

6. Our bidet

7. Our Washing Machine (Fully Automatic)

8. Our clothesline


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I usually have around 12-14 diapers in one load as we change diapers every two to three hours, soiled or not:

So here is my Cloth Diaper Washing Routine.

1. After every use of the Poop Machine, i pre-wash the cloth diaper.

2. Whether it was poop or pee, i pre wash it by: removing all the inserts, squirting calla diluted water in the peed-on cloth diaper, and washing quickly, and then hang it to dry.

If it was poo, i would clear up the poo using the bidet and pre-wash like what i do with the peed-on diapers.

3. Come laundry day which is usually every other day, or the early morning after the supposed laundry day, i heat water in my makeshift basin, infuse about two plastic spoons of calla and soak the diapers for about 30 minutes. Of course the water is lukewarm so as not to damage the diapers.

4. I then partly do a soapy hand wash of the diapers to satisfy my urge to make sure the stain and germs could be removed. (this can totally be skipped if you want to)

5. I then put these soaped-up diapers to the washer, and add some two spoons of calla again and do a regular hot wash.

6. After the first cycle, i then run another wash cycle this time normal tap temperature, and without soap.

7. After the whole cycle (including drying) i the hang the diapers to dry, and make sure those with yellowish stains that have not been removed will get the sun that it needs.

So there you go, my simple wash routine. Will be writing more about my cloth diaper journey soon, and hope you can share yours below, in the comments section.

Here’ s a video you may want to watch re: cloth diaper laundry routine:

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