Where to buy Bum Genius Diapers in the Philippines

buy Bum Genius in the Philippines.

Check out the Online Shops where you can buy Bum Genius in the Philippines. Photo Credits


If you are looking for Bum Genius Diapers in Manila, most likely you will not find these cloth diapers in brick and mortar stores or even in the malls.

Like local and china nappies, Bum Genius Diapers are sold in the country through Facebook and Online Shops. Some take pre-orders, some have stocks on hand, and almost all are irresistible!

So, fellow cloth diaper addicts, here are some of the local online outlets where you can buy Bum Genius Diapers in the Philippines. Again, I am asking for your help, if you know other trusted online sellers of Bum Genius who have not been included on the list, please comment below, or let me know through my Facebook Page so that I could update this post.

Online shops where you can buy Bum Genius Diapers in the Philippines

1. Fluffypwets.com – Is the official retailer of Cotton Babies products here in our country and they carry Bum Genius and Flip Diapers. Check out their site here.

2. BumGenius PH – is a Facebook Group where you can buy Bum Genius Diapers, Flip Covers, BG Accessories and the like through stocks on hand, flash sales, and pre-orders. Check out their FB Group Page here.

3. RAAK Naturals – Is an online store that sells Bum Genius Diapers, Flip Covers, Snappi, BG Accessories, and BG Seconds, among other baby and mommy-related “PX” goods (sorry for the dated term “PX” – alam na, na I am a batang 80s J).

Check out their FB Page here.


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4. Baby Chic Boutique – Carries Bum Genius Diapers and Flip Covers, Wet Bags among other Cloth Diaper Brands and Imported Baby Products. They have a Buy 3-Free Shipping on their BG Products now. Check out their FB Shop here.

5. Quigle Baby – They carry Bum Genius products alongside the other imported baby and mommy products that they sell in their website. Check out their online store here.

6. Baby In Style – Another Facebook Shop that carries Bum Genius, Flip Covers, and Accessories among others (thanks for the info sis A). They have supplies that are on hand, and ready for shipping. Check out teir FB page here.

7. Shiela Kabigting Erese – Yes this is a personal page, but she is a recommended BG seller (thanks for the info sis M), that retails BGs at very low prices. She also carries BG Seconds among other baby goods and imported products. Check out her For Sale BG FB Album here.

8. UPDATED: Quack and Meow — Finally a physical store that sells BumGenius Cloth Diapers! If you are from QC then you are in luck! After your Maginhawa foodtrip, head on over Magitting Street and Feast your Eyes on BG Diapers there over at Trendzone’s Second Floor.

Of course, you may also score your BG Fix from Buy, Sell, and Trade (BST) threads, where you can find Brand New or second hand BGs and Flip Covers, as well as Groups where members can resell brand new or used diapers. Till Next Post!

Happy Shopping Mommies!

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